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Summary of Online Forms Generator

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Advanced Features and Portals

Summary of Online Forms Generator

Online Forms Generator is a web based Database that can be used to keep track of Customers as in CRM (Customer Relations Management). It is a versatile tool that can be configured in any number of ways for any number of purposes.

You can use it as a directory of Departments. Or maybe a directory of Products, separating different lines by using the "Category" function or just creating different names of different lines in a Line Field. But the advantage of using Categories is that some products may cross different lines and this is more easily accomplished using categories as you can add more than one category to a record.

Another advantage of using categories for this is that you can create a hierarchy (see below), so products that fall under a certain product, such as accessories; can be used to full advantage. Also if a Sub Category fits under all other categories that have "Multi-level" enabled, you select this option for the sub category. (Multilevel is like Windows Explorer or any file manager that displays folders and sub folders.)


You can configure bookmarks to make navigating long records easier. You can color tag field names to make entering data easier or to give instructions to clients or customers, such as marking which fields are required to be filled in, in order to submit form.

You can include pictures in your records, such as signed agreements. This way you can easily print out any agreement that is associated with a particular client or user.

Picture Uploaded with some of the points covered above.

Also, Online Forms Generator provides a number of different type fields, including text, radio buttons, selection boxes, number, free-text note, and pulldown lists. The pulldown lists, radio buttons and multiple selection boxes uses Lists that were previously created as shown here: Created Lists. If you have selected multiple pages in main table configuration you can control the order fields appear in and on what page as shown here: Configure Fields. More information on Lists can be found here: List Fields. In addition there are special fields for headings and Text instruction. These fields can also be used to create bookmarks as shown on the "Headers Page".

There is also a special field which can used to provide a way for clients or users to Upload Files to you or your company. In the future we plan to expand this function to include ways for clients to access specific files on the website if they have permission. Right now this is a customized function; so let us know if you need it.

Special Fields such as Password can be utilized if you have a member or customer base that requires special (available to specific user) multiple accesses to information on website. Please contact us if you need this type of privileged access on your website.

And finally you can generate a number of different types of reports as shown here: Reports. Please note that the "Reports" function is basic and if we get enough requests we will expand the functionality to this useful tool.

Please keep in mind that many functions can be customized for you. If you need an advanced function that is not preset in the application please let us know and depending on your needs we can usually fulfill them within a reasonable budget. So talk to us about it. Contact us by clicking on button below. Also if you have any wish list for features you'd like to see, let us know. This concludes the tutorial on Online Forms Generator.


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