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Types of Fields

List Fields

Notice from this picture that there are several types of lists:
  • Pulldown List
  • Choice Radiobutton
  • Multiple Choice checkboxes
  • Single Checkbox

Here is a picture of radio buttons as it would appear on the web page: Radio Button. Of course on the web page page it would show in whatever style and background you created.
Also notice in the above picture an example of how a pulldown list would appear.

Here you have the
Radio Button*

as it would appear on the configuration page: Radio Button Configuration. We have highlighted the "List Src" to show the list that was selected. In this case it is the list named "Yes-No". The "Input Prompt" pointed to by the purple arrow is blank because this is an admin only prompt for the sales people. We don't want this to appear on the web page.

The yellow star sits by the searchable options. It is only searchable in Admin and since this is an exact selection, we don't need partial search. This field is not sorted for indexing for faster searches. Remember you are limited to 10 indexes per table.

Pictured here is single check button in configuration: Checkbox Button. On a web page this would appear as a checkbox that when clicked a check mark would show there.

The web page shows multiple check boxes on page: Multiple Checkboxes. Notice the columns. And here is what you see when you edit this field: Multiple Checkboxes Configuration Notice the "List SRC" field which selects the list to use (next to the purple text). You can also select the number of columns that appear on the web page (see the orange arrow).

This concludes our discussion on List Fields. More information on fields can be found here: Field Types. Next we will cover password fields which is a special field that is used when you have a member base requiring log on. This requires some special programming by us. Please feel free to contact us by clicking on email link below.


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