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Types of Fields

Picture Field

Here we will cover picture fields. You might want to use picture fields on the back end to upload a picture of a customer's wholesale certificate or some other purpose. You can use it to upload pictures from customer or order forms. This can be password protected which requires special settings on the web page so talk to us about it.

Here is a picture as it might appear on a web page. You can, of course, dress this up with background and graphics. Notice the submit button on the bottom. This will send the file or picture to the website. The picture will appear on the admin table only. If this needs to be automated to place on a web page, it will require scripting or programming.

The picture field configuration is shown here: Picture Field Configuration Notice that there is no input for the "Input Prompt". This is because this particular field does not appear on the public form. This is an admin task to upload pictures. Also the green arrow points to how we control the size on the form. Notice there is also a setting for the size of the file in kilobits. A little experimenting will give you what you want.

The picture upload field appears in admin as shown here: Uploaded picture Field This is only a snapshot of a partial section of a form. Since this is a real form I've blocked out identifying information. As you can see here, you can upload file or copy a web URL to show the picture. In this case the picture is of a Certificate of Resale form. You can also use a copy of the certificate that is scanned to a file. Please note that pictures should be in the preferred JPEG format.

Another example can be found on the Summary Page

The file upload field is a special field that is used for sites that require a file to be sent such as an architect who needs drawings from draftsmen or a printer who needs graphics files to produce printable pictures or documents or business cards. The file appears only in admin. If you need this functionality please contact us by clicking email link below.

Next we cover "Show Text" and "Show Headers". These are special fields that show either headers or text above or below form fields. This is primarily used to give instructions to the person filling out the form or for admin personnel, often used to separate different sections of a form. It can also be use to navigate a large form and we will show you how to do that. Click "Next" button to go to that page now.

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