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Onlineforms Generator Configuration Basics

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Configuration Basics

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When you log on to your assigned page for configuration you will see something like Database/Form Generator. When you click on "config" you will see Application.

Notice the title of "Application" will appear on top, followed by 2 links. One of "Administration", which will take you back to the admin portion to view or edit the user/leads records. Then there is the "Application Definition", which is usually created by us. This does not normally have to be modified by you and should only be modified by those qualified to do so.
Now we get into the heart of Power of OnlineFormsGenerator; the Data Tables*.

The Name of this particular Table is "Email"" which has several buttons across it. The first one is "Config" which is where you set up the parameters for the table, assign an email field, etc.

The second button on table is "Fields". This is where you set the field types, determine the order and page it appears on.

The next button "Show Form" is where you can see what the form will look like to the user. If you are not technically inclined, skip this next paragraph. The next button "Code" basically shows the code for how the form can be incorporated into a web page. In this case, it is showing code for how it will be incorporated when page is residing on our servers. For the most part, this we do for you and customize it so it appears in the right place on page.

The Attribute list which is below the table, which you see in "Application" above is where you setup any type of selectable list, which will then appear as either a droplist, a radio button grid or a Multi-select checkboxes, depending on the settings in "Fields". Any list of attributes, such as states, type of customer, etc., can be used.

So this is what is on the basic configuration main page, with the exception of two more buttons which should be self explanatory. One is "Create New Data Table" and the other is "Clone/copy Table". The clone/copy has extended functions if you have access to more than one Application, but is usually used just by us to make creating a table easier, since we can use templates that we've created to speed up the creation of a table, which has fields in common with our templates. But it can also be used to quickly copy your table and create a new one.
Next we will get into the configuration of a table in detail, starting with a description of the different fields list above.

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