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Basics of Onlineformsgenerator

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Online Forms Generator Basics

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Bulk Email*

Here you can access the different tables and also write and format the bulk email Email Format
Be sure to click on "Fit Image to window" if you are using XP or latest Browser software. It will appear on bottom right of screen when you move mouse over area.

#1 shows where you enter the address that will appear in the email as from. #2 shows where you enter the subject of the email. You Have 2 different formats that you can send email in. To send in HTML enter the text where indicated as HTML code. No need to enter the the start or the closing .
Enter above the
Text already in there*

When you are finished you can click on send to send yourself a test message. Be sure to enter your address in space next to send.

When you click on a table, you will see Search Page Here you can see the Fields that are included in search. You can exclude certain text in a particular fields from the search, by clicking in the exclude column. More on this in the Advanced Features on thePublic Search Page. You can choose to sort the records by choosing an indexed field from the drop list.

When you click on a search you will see Search Results. Here you see an example of a complete search, i.e., nothing specific was chosen. Here you see the result of the seach with the first three field showing. On the botton is a button for new record and a link to send email to those people on the search results. We will cover the different views and editing and creating new records on the next page.

Working with Admin Tables

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