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Admin Tables

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Working In Admin Tables

When you click on View for record you will see something similar to this.

And when you click on edit from View or from Edit button in search results, you will see something similar to This Edit. Here you can edit the fields or make any changes to records that you want.

The Large boxes are what we call free text notes and they allow unlimited text. The text fields are usually preset to a certain length. Coming soon will be a new date field. Just added is a new password field.

When you click on Send these people email, you will see Send these people email. Shown here is an example of a Formatted HTML message and a text message with the same text. By clicking SEND you will see the following A test message has been mailed to. When you click "Proceed" the system will send out your email.
You can check what it looks like before sending by checking Your Email.

Well, these are all the basics of working with you database records. Next we will cover the more extensive options and settings in setting up the database if you've been granted access to this part of the system. IF we are maintaining the structure of the database for you, then you now have all you need to begin handling the system and there is no need to advance further on this tutorial unless you need to know about setting and maintaining individual passwords for users of your system.

As you can see this is a powerful and easy to use system to handle your CRM (Customer Relations Management) or other database needs. More explanations of field types can be found on the "Configuration" page.
Coming Soon: More features, including ways to tie your database into a shopping cart, so you can collect information and process a purchase or even automatically assign & send a user name and password. Next we cover setting a password and user name.
Note: These last options require an expanded series of private web pages or shopping cart, which is mainly for the use of those who need to have a member access area created. If you need to have member access please contact us.

Log On Settings

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