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 First trimester abortion by vacuum aspiration is the most common type of abortion performed after 6 weeks LMP. Dr. Seletz is very experienced performing early vacuum aspiration as early as 4 weeks LMP. Ultrasound is done by the doctor before the procedure for accurate dating, to make sure that the pregnancy is not ectopic (outside of the uterus) and to determine if there are any abnormalities that may affect the procedure. Another ultrasound is performed afterwards to make sure the procedure was complete. You may choose what type of anesthesia you would like. The dilation of the cervix and aspiration is completed in about 5 minutes. After the procedure you will rest in a private recovery area. The doctor does all necessary lab tests and we supply all medication that you need during and after the procedure. To read more about the vacuum aspiration abortion see the website of the National Abortion Federation at and select the fact sheet "What is Surgical Abortion."

Second trimester is a pregnancy equal or greater than 13 weeks LMP. The dilation of the cervix requires from 3 hours up to 2 days, depending on the length of the pregnancy. At 13 or 14 weeks the cervix can be prepared by inserting the laminaria in the office in the morning and the abortion can be completed by the vacuum aspiration method in the afternoon of the same day.

After 15 weeks the abortion requires 2 or 3 visits on consecutive days. You will see the doctor for a consultation and ultrasound before the day of the abortion. After the doctor examines you she will discuss the details of your procedure, tell you exactly what to expect, discuss the risks of the procedure at your gestational age, and answer any questions. The most common type of abortion done after 15 weeks is the D&E method. On the first day the doctor will insert laminaria after twilight sedation and local anesthesia are given. The laminaria are left in place overnight to dilate and soften the cervix. For late second trimester abortions two or more sets of laminaria are required. The abortion is completed on the last day under ultrasound guidance, which greatly reduces the risk of a serious complication. We will supply all of the pain medication and antibiotics that are required during and after the procedure.

If you are having a second trimester abortion because of a fetal abnormality or fetal death then the doctor will discuss special tests with your obstetrician or perinatologist. Special services are available. If you will be coming from out-of-town, inform the receptionist when you call and we will arrange to have your medical records faxed.

To read more information about the D&E go to the website of the National Abortion Federation at and read the fact sheet "What is Surgical Abortion" and "Abortion After 12 Weeks."

Third trimester abortions, after 24 weeks, are available for serious fetal abnormalities and genetic defects. Documentation from your perinatologist is required before a consultation is scheduled. Third trimester abortions are done by a combination of the D&E and induction methods.


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