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Pro-Choice Medical Center


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Early Abortion Options and The Abortion Pill

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A Guide to Good Care



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A Guide To Good Care

When you've made your choice, a guide to good care can be found at the website of the National Abortion Federation at Choose "If you are pregnant" to find an abortion provider in your area. The world's largest online source for abortion providers is Abortion Clinics On-Line at The National Library of Medicine has a website for consumers with a directory of board certified physicians. Go to and choose "Directories." Finally, to find a physician certified by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology go to and choose "Find a physician member." If you are using the abortion pill, keep in mind that a surgical abortion may be needed to complete the abortion in up to 8% of cases. Choose a provider with the same care that you would if you were having a surgical abortion, especially in an emergency situation.

How does Pro-Choice Medical Center differ from other clinics?
We are a private medical practice affiliated with the Cedars-Sinai Medical Network. Our philosophy is one of individualized care and we cater to the private patient. We have a dedicated staff of RNs counselors and medical assistants. They are warm and professional. Dr. Seletz has more than 15 years experience performing abortions, high-risk obstetrics, genetic counseling and gynecological surgery. We offer comprehensive, high quality care without sacrificing the personal doctor-patient relationship. Patients who are too high risk for outpatient procedures can elect to have their abortion performed by Dr. Seletz at Cedars-Sinai.


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