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Pro-Choice Medical Center


Glossary and Definitions

Early Abortion Options and The Abortion Pill

First and Second Trimester Abortion

Is Abortion Safe

Unsure About Your Decision

A Guide to Good Care



Aftercare and Birth Control

Map and Directions
Aftercare and Birth Control

What to expect after your abortion
varies depending on what type of abortion you have and the gestational age of your pregnancy. An assistant will go over post-op instructions before the procedure and you will receive a written copy when you leave. You will be given information on what to expect and a 24-hour emergency phone number to reach Dr. Seletz. The doctor will perform an ultrasound immediately after the procedure to make sure the abortion is complete so you do not have to wait for an exam a few weeks later for reassurance. Indicated follow-up visits are done free of charge.

Birth Control
If your pregnancy is the result of a method failure, or if you would like a better method of contraception, then you can read about the different methods of birth control that are available as well as the effectiveness and the side effects of each one. Go to the site Abortion Clinics On-Line at and select "Ultimate Birth Control" to find comprehensive information about contraception. Then, when you come in, Dr. Seletz will help you choose which method is best for you.

Emergency contraception
taken within 3 days of unprotected intercourse will decrease the risk of unplanned pregnancy by 75%. Emergency contraception is available by appointment Monday-Saturday. For more information about emergency contraception see the website

Para el viajante internacional
Vemos con frecuencia a pacientes de Méjico, de America Central, y de Suramérica. Estamos situados 12 Km (20 minutos) del aeropuerto internacional de Los Angeles. Planee llegar un día antes de su cirugía y dejar el día siguiente. Validamos cheques de viajero y tarjetas de credito importantes. Hable a un consejero por el teléfono para discutir su historia médico antes de Ud programar su itinerario de viaja. La doctora habla Español. Para informacíon en Español vea o y mire "Research and Information."


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