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CM-Edit Single Web Pages

Edit Single Web Pages Edit Contents

After you select Edit single web page, then select the page you want, you will be back up at the screen you saw before selecting Edit page Settings. you will notice that you will see the page with several buttons on the top. They are in order:
  • Help
  • Public's View
  • Editor's View
  • Edit
  • Editor's Desk
  • Control Room

Edit Single Page View

You will be in Edit by default. Notice the small red boxes next to different page elements. On it is written "edit". This is your way into the editing of that element.
Note: Not all elements may have an edit box. This is because certain types of elements are not for the use of the Content Manager.
When you click on "edit" next to an element, you will notice that a window pops up with serveral controls and fields for changing the values of element or the element itself in the case of picture. You cannot change the type of element or delete the element.
{For instructions on modifying elements see: Editing Main which is covered in a more advanced mode}{For now we recommend finishing this section before you move on to the advanced subjects.}

When you are finished with your changes and have compared the "Editors View" and the "Public's View" and are satisfied with the changes, go to the "Editor's Desk" by clicking on it (In Top Bar).
For a Screen shot of this see:"Editor's Desk" in Creative Manager. Yours will be the same but without the backup and restore functions.
You will now see a screen with some text written on it explaining the different actions and some buttons between the text.
Basically, "Change" will take you back to the "Editor's Desk" to continue working on changes.
"Throw Away" will discard everything you've done since last save (update).

"Update" This is the save function of our controls to update the public's view of site.
Don't worry about loosing your changes if you don't update, because you will be given the choice to either Use the work area as you left it last time or Use the public site as you last saved it.
Keep in mind though that others with access to these controls can discard your changes.

"Exit without updating" This will allow you exit and save your changes, but without updating the public's view.

Logging on in Creative Manager

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