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Merlin's Studio Guide

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Welcome to Merlin's Studio Guide

To go to our new Studio Guide for our Onlineformsgerator click: Onlineformsgenerator Guide

This is a guide to the different features of Merlin's Studio and our Site Creator system.  For an overview of the advantages of Cyber Journey Hosting click here: Cyber Journey Overview Features
To get around on this guide see: Navigation below.
Merlin's Studio has been set up for multiple types of access, i.e., every level in an organization or role can be given different permissions for the type of access they need to the organizations' on line files and pages. You can log on in the different modes by selecting the type of access you need.

The system's different levels reflect the skill level assigned to the type of access. Although these levels are basically descriptive of what they do, they are not difficult to learn and are a good deal simpiler than even what your network admin needs to know.  But that does not diminish the power of the Site Creator system, which can also be taken advantage of by a skilled professional programmer or Network Architect or Webmaster to customize it to their needs.  Its advantage is in its simplicity and ease of quickly implementing it as an important tool any organization or enity can benefit from.

Merlin's Studio is truely a magical solution to today's ever increasing complexity and information overload, most of us have to deal with.  This is all done with an integrated solution and ease of management, all done online, so any number of managers and collaboraters, located anywhere can quickly and easily create and manage their information.

As time goes on we will add more features and integration solutions to assist you with all your information management needs.  We welcome your feedback and please do tell us any suggestions or comments you may have.
Creating a new Website.
If you're creating a new website and would like to see how to start adding elements click "Adding Elements"

For the purpose of explaining Merlin's Studio to you, this Guide is set up based on the type of access needed.  Starting from the lowest level to the highest, this guide is organised to make it easy for anyone to learn the Site Creator system from the ground up.  This guide is a bit more extensive than the online help hints and demo's and is written in such a way that anyone should be able to learn it.  If something is not clear, please contact me and let me know and I will be happy to make any improvements that I can. At the same time please make sure you do not skip over something you do not understand. Go back and make sure you know all the definitions of all the words and terms you are reading.  Most times, the only reason someone has difficulty with a new technical subject is because of its nomenclature*. If I haven't clearly explained a term or you can't find a good definition of it, let me know right away.

* nomenclature: a system or set of terms or symbols especially in a particular science, discipline.

* Copy Editor: This is a mode in Merlin's Studio for simple editing, taken from press terms, meaning someone who puts something (as a literary work) into suitable form for a printer.

Important Notes: If you see "@" this is a future Link. Also, if you click on a link within the Page, the link will open in a new page, except for certain bookmarks which go to links on the same page, such as those found under Hosting Features (Cyber Journey Overview) and the link from the top that goes here. To return to where you were from new window, just close the window.

Navigation on Site: Using the Navigation bars on top will take you to the page you select within the same window. Navigation bars will be different depending on what Section (topic area) you are in. Sub Navigations bars will appear in the various sections under the section you are in. To see other bars go to the section you want using the topmost navigation bars. To proceed in order, use the "next" button on the bottom of page you are on.

Now lets get started.  The first level of access is "Copy Editor Mode".  This is a simple level, where things can be easily changed by just about anyone.  No special knowledge or HTML (the language of web pages) is needed.
Click on the link below.

[To Copy Editor]

To contact Author, click on email button

Contact me

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