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Creative Manager - Edit Single Web Page

Creative Manager - Edit Single Web Page

If you Click Edit single web page in Control room it will bring up a list of pages to choose to edit.
The options are:For "Edit Page Settings" see "Edit Single Web Pages Edit Page Settings." in Content Manager
Explain will bring up a help file.

Clicking on "Design Studio" the following Navigation buttons will apear on the top of screen:
Note: These links will go to the subject below.
Navigation Buttons

Edit Single Page View

Public's View: This is the view the public sees. Notice that until you save your changes in Editor's Desk, this view will only show the view as it was last saved (update).
In this view you will see what the public will see with the exception of the top buttons and bar, which will still be available to you so you can switch views or functions.
[Back to Navigation Buttons Menu]
Editor's View: This view will show you how page will look, up to and including your current changes. The edit buttons and any other controls will not be visable(with the exception of the top buttons and bar). [Back to Navigation Buttons Menu]

Edit Layout: When you enter into site by clicking on Design Studio, this will be your default view. Notice that you have two windows. The top window allows you to add, modify and arrange elements. For help on specific elements see Adding and modifying specific elements@
The left top box shows the elements that are on the page. This will be blank if this is a new page creation and no template was used.
If you are using tables to arrange your elements, which is the recommmended way, you will notice that some elements have "--" (two dashs) next to them. This means that the element is in the cell that is named above. Working with tables@ will be a future section.
The middle top section consists of 4 buttons. They are:
  • Move up
  • Move down
  • Explain
  • Save/update
By selecting element and using move up or move down, you can control where on the page your element will appear. Explain gives a popup help menu.
Note: you can not move cells within a table.
Save/Update will save your changes.

The next box on the right of this contains 2 buttons. They are:
  • Edit
  • Delete
"Edit" will bring up the editing box for that particular element. Edit functions will covered in more detail in Editing.
"Delete" will delete the selected or highlighted element.

The upper right hand has a "Done" button. This will bring you to pagelist.

The next items below this box are clipboard@ functions.
See clipboard functions@ in "Editing"
This file also has a screen shot of Page List in Edit a Webpage.

The next section starts with a list of elements on the left.
Highlight the one you want to add and select "Add New Element"
This will bring up the Editing box for that particular element. See: Adding and modifying specific elements@ in "Edit" Topic for working with particular element. Underneath this is a box which display a short description of select element. [Back to Navigation Buttons Menu]

Editing Studio: Notice the small red boxes next to different page elements. On it is written "edit". This is your way into the editing of that element.
Note: Not all elements may have an edit box.
When you click on "edit" next to an element, you will notice that a window pops up with serveral controls and fields for changing the values of element or the element itself in the case of picture. You cannot change the type of element or delete the element.
{For instructions on modifying elements see: creating or modifying elements@}
When you are finished with your changes and have compared the "Editors View" and the "Public's View" and are satisfied with the changes, go to the "Editor's Desk" by clicking on it (In Top Bar). [Back to Navigation Buttons Menu]

"Editor's Desk"
You will now see a screen with some text written on it explaining the different actions and some buttons between the text.
Basically, "Change" will take you back to the "Editor's Desk" to continue working on changes.
"Throw Away" will discard everything you've done since last save (update).

"Update" This is the save function of our controls to update the public's view of site.
Don't worry about loosing your changes if you don't update, because you will be given the choice to either Use the work area as you left it last time or Use the public site as you last saved it.
Keep in mind though that others with access to these controls can discard your changes.

"Exit without updating" This will allow you exit and save your changes, but without updating the public's view
Note: for editing specific types of elements see: Creating and modifying specific elements@ [Back to Navigation Buttons Menu]
Page List will take you back to the Page List
[Back to Navigation Buttons Menu]
Control Room will take you back to the Control Room
[Back to Navigation Buttons Menu]
"Help" is available as a quick popup for many areas in Site Creator either as a direct help button or as an "Explain" button.
[Back to Navigation Buttons Menu]

Creative Manager - Editor's Desk

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