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Copy Editor

Copy Editor

Important terms.
Element: Any number of possibly different things of a certain type forming a distinct group within the overall Webpage.
Examples of elements in a webpage: text field, text area, picture, picture gallery, heading.

Nav Bar or Navigation Bar:
Usually a graphics or text bar that goes across the top of the screen or goes down on the left. This usually has the name or short name written on it for the different pages and when you click on one, it will take you to that page.

As a copy editor your duties include making changes to the web pages of your site. Use the navigation bar to change from one page to the next.

After you log in, you will notice that the index page of the site loads with several buttons on the top. See: Edit Your Website as a Whole for a picture of this view. They are in order:
  • Help
  • Public's View
  • Editor's View
  • Editing Room
  • Editor's Desk
  • Control Room (this does not take you to the control room but will take you back to where you were before entering site.
  • Help: Here you will find some basic instructions to explain the different thing you can do.

Public's View: This is the view the public sees. Notice that until you save your changes in Editor's Desk, this view will only show the view as it was last saved (update).
In this view you will see what the public will with the exception of the top buttons and bar, which will still be available to you so you can switch views or functions.

Editor's View: This view will show you how page will look up to and including your current changes. The edit buttons and any other controls will not be visable(with the exception of the top buttons and bar).

Editing Room or Editing Studio (in other admin views): When you enter into site, this will be your default view. Notice the small red boxes next to different page elements. On it is written "edit". This is your way into the editing of that element.
Note: Not all elements may have an edit box. This is because certain types of elements are not for the use of the copy editor.
When you click on "edit" next to an element, you will notice that a window pops up with serveral controls and fields for changing the values of element or the element itself in the case of picture. You cannot change the type of element or delete the element.
(For instructions on modifying elements see: Modify Specific types of elements)
When you are finished with your changes and have compared the "Editors View" and the "Public's View" and are satisfied with the changes, go to the "Editor's Desk" by clicking on it (In Top Bar). You will now see a screen with some text written on it explaining the different actions and some buttons between the text.
Basically, "Change" will take you back to the "Editor's Desk" to continue working on changes.
"Throw Away" will discard everything you've done since last save (update).

"Update" This is the save function of our controls to update the public's view of site.
Don't worry about loosing your changes if you don't update, because you will be given the choice to either Use the work area as you left it last time or Use the public site as you last saved it.
Keep in mind though that others with access to these controls can discard your changes.

"Exit without updating" This will allow you exit and save your changes, but without updating the public's view.

As you can see, no special training or extensive knowledge is needed for you as a copy editor to make changes directly to your company's or organization's website. This ease of use makes it a valuable tool and you won't have to bother the webmaster or system manager for simple changes to the website that you need to have uploaded.

So, enjoy you time and keep you website current.
Note: For the most part you are limited to editing text, changing graphics or modifing the attributes of these.
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