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Editing - Modify or Add Picture

Editing - Adding or Modifying Pictures

When adding or modifying picture you will brought up to a popup screen (below) with many options.
The first section in divided into 2 parts:
  • From the Servers Picture Library [#1]
  • From your own Picture Library [#2]

First from the servers picture library, you can choose from a number of different catagories of graphics by selecting the topic you you want from the dropdown list.
The images will appear in the window dirrectly under this [#1].
[#2] it [#3] or click on view all to see a thumbnail galley of images in subject area. Select the image [#4] you want by clicking the radio box under image and click use "Use Selected Picture" [#5]. The picture will now appear as selection from the Library and the pictures will close.
The explain button is short help menu.

The next section to the right of this allows you select from your own uploaded library. Click in the radio button to use this. You can then select a particular image by selecting it or click on view all to see a thumbnail galley of images in your Library. The same functions appear in selecting "From you own library"

The next section direct under these 2 areas is the upload functions of moving files from your drives to the website.
When you select upload a picture now[#1] and select browse, your default file open [#2] dialog will allow you to select an image. Once an image is uploaded it will remain here (in library) even if you delete it from the page.
To work with your pictures see "Personal File Area" in Content Manager. This page covers the next 2 sections of uploading and pulling an online file. (http://)
The next option* "Horizontal Alignment" aligns or orientates the graphic right, left or center.

The next option allows you to specify what follows the graphic. In this example we'll cover placing text next to the graphic. You have several choices here [#1], which are none, left or right. To space text a certain distance from the graphic, it is best to use a table. Place the graphic directly under the cell you where you want it to appear [#2] (size of cell will adjust automatically) and leave adjacent cell blank. Stick the text in the same cell [#3] in same row (so you must have at least 3 cells in row). Now select the blank cell [#4] and adjust the width manually and save and edit again until you have achieved the right effect. (this determines distance from graphic for text). In this example the width is set at 50.
More on this in Working with tables@.

You can choose to have graphic act as a link by inserting the address on next line [#1] and you can show a mouse hint by typing into title of URL [#2] (Hint will appear for a couple of seconds in some browsers when mouse is over image).

Note: If you know the anchor (bookmark) on page you want link to go to, you can add it after the address. This is "#" followed by the anchor name.

The next option: Target for link alows you several options for where and how you want the link to work.
Default- same window:
Link will come in same window.
Whole Window:
If link exists within a frame this will load the page without the frame.

New Blank Window:
this will put target link to load in new window.

If you are using frames you have some more choices.

Parent Frame:
Page will come in parent frame. This is usually the outside frame. This is good for small window sites such as banners and the like would use.

Same Frame:
Window will load in same frame as where it's clicked.

Navigation Frame:
will open the link in the navigation frame, if you're using one of the standard frame-based site models, where the navigation frame is always named 'nav'.

Main Frame: will open the link in the main window, if you're using one of the standard site models, where the main frame is always called 'main'.

Other: will open the link in another named frame or named window, if you specify its name. Type the name in the entry field.

The next options are Java special effects. You can try any of the effects listed by clicking in the radio button for that effect. Try these out to add some pizzass to your site. Some examples of picture effects below.

Note: Links and text wrappings may not work if you use these.

Last is custom description which is for your own use, so you can find it easily.
See also: http://www.todaysplanet.com/pg/beta/galdemo/ for a demo of picture formats and effects.

Go to Editing - Add or Edit Horizontal Bar

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