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Edit Page Settings

Edit Single Web Pages Edit Page Settings

Clicking on Edit Single Web Pages option in Control room will bring up a list of pages to choose to edit.
The options are:
Edit page setting will be explained here. For Editing Studio see "Edit single web pages"
Explain will bring up a short help menu for this area.

Page Settings View
Edit page setting will bring up the page settings form in the top window with the page display in the bottom window for the page selected (highlighted)
You do need to choose a page by selecting it by using mouse or other navigation methods.
The first thing you'll see on the left is the actual file name. This cannot be changed.
The next thing will be your page title. This is only viewed by you so you can easily find a particular page.
This is the first editing field which you can change.
The next thing will be the Browser Page title. This is the name give to the title of the web page, which is visable only when someone selects show page title or saves it as a link in their bookmarks. This will be the displayed title in their bookmarks, so keep this mind when setting or change this title.

The next Field you can change is the the text font.
This is only what the defaults will be, i.e., When you start typing on a page. You can of course, change specific text to different fonts, sizes, etc.

The next section allows you to change the default colors of the text, links, active links, visited links, and the backgound color of the page.
By selecting the appropiate radio box of the item you wish to change the color of and selecting from the dropdown list you can choose the color you want or you can click on "Choose Colors". you will a see popup list of with a sample of colors that you can choose. Select the appropiate color and click on Use selected color.

Note: If there is a number in the box instead of a name, you should consult with your webmaster before making any changes as color is a custom color that was setup, that you as content manager donot have access to.

The Next section allows you to select a wallpaper instead of a color for the background image of page. This will override and background color settings.
If you select the radio button by clicking in it, for Standard Wallpaper, you will be able to select from a graphics list of different wallpapers. you can also select view all which will bring up an image of that wallpaper above the name. To do this click on "view all". Select the wallpaper you want and click on "Use Selected Background"
You also have the option of choosing one of your own files that has been uploaded previously.

The next section allows you to choose music to be played when someone goes to this page. You select one of our files or use one from your files that has been previously uploaded.

The next section allows you set a scrolling message which will appear in the bottom margin of Browser, not in the window. Just type what you want to scroll accross someone's browser.
The bottom buttom says save. This is where you can save these changes to your page. This does not change the publics view however. You will need to go to the editors desk to do that.
Note: If there is an exit button on this screen donot use it as this buttom leads to some nonfunctioning buttons in the content manager mode.
Instead when you need to exit, use the "back to pagelist" or "back to control room" buttons.

Content Manager-Edit Single Pages

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