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Personal File Area

Personal File Area

Click on this link in control room will bring you to the upload area below.
See screen shot of Control Room in
Content Manager

File Area View

Here you can upload pictures or edit pictures you have on site.
When you click on upload/edit pictures you will see 3 main sections.
The first section is where you can type in the path to the graphics file on your computer or use the browse function to locate the file. Browsing for file is easy. It functions by bringing up you computers open file dialog function which you should already be familiar with.
For help on this see your your computer's help function.

The next or second function allows you to select an online graphics file to display. This is an easy way to show graphics that you want to display without having to download, then upload file if the file already exists on web somewhere.

To copy a graphic you want just highlight it and select File properties or right click and select properties or copy image location, if that is an option, and select the entire address of image file. Since Edit menu might work with a dialog window open you will need to use the function keys or mouse copy options. To use keybooard on windows hold down the control key while selecting the "c" key. This will copy the selected text. Then you can paste the address into the web address field provided.
To use mouse function follow dirrections given for this in your mouse help menu.

After you have pasted the image (You can use Gif's or JPEG or the latest png formated files) click "go". This will insert the graphic into the third section showing current contents. If it doesn't it means the web address was wrong.

NOTE: If the address has funny marks in it, such as "?" this mean that the picture is being fetched from a database and unfortunately this will not work. You will have to download the graphic, then upload it.

The last section of this screen is the "Current Contents of your picture achive" . On the right you will notice several buttons. They are:First select the graphic by clicking on it, that you want to work with.
The view button will bring up an image of the highlighted selection from the left list of current contents.
This will also list the size in width and height plus size.
If ok it will say ok or display the size in kilobits.

The Replace Button will bring up a screen with 2 choices.
One will be to rename the file. Just type the new name you want into the form field. Be sure to add the same exact extension the original file had, such as ".gif", etc. You cannot change the file type here.

The second choice will allow you to replace the graphic with another on your computer. This functions as we last described the browse function. This should then bring you back to the original screen with the three options.
You can now click on back to control room if you are done.

The last button is transform which will be described under the subject transform@

Content Manager-Modify Specific Types of Elements

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