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The main page

Picture Gallery Demonstration

This is a demonstration site to show the capabilities of the picture gallery element. You can see examples of different configurations of picture galleries, and you can learn how to create them yourself. You can see pages with different examples by clicking on some of the buttons to the left.

Below you see a snapshot of the file management section of a picture gallery element:

Each picture gallery element contains a group of pictures that are kept separate from any other pictures you might be using on your site. You see the current pictures in this picture gallery above right, under 'Pictures in Gallery'.

You can add pictures into your picture gallery element from several different sources. You see those to the left on the screen, under 'Source of Pictures'.

You can choose pictures from your existing picture library - the pictures you have previously uploaded to be part of your site. You can also choose from various libraries of pictures that are permanently part of the system. You can choose from these various libraries with the top pulldown menu. When you change the selection there, the list of pictures available in that section will appear in the box underneath.

To choose one of the pictures from that box, first click on it. You should then see a small thumbnail picture of it in the upper left. If it is the picture you want, click the 'Add >' button. It will then be copied over into the box on the right, the pictures currently in your gallery. You can do that repeatedly, of course, choosing pictures from different library sections, and adding them into this gallery.

You can also upload a picture you have on your local disk on your computer. You would click on the 'Browse' button and then you can navigate around on your hard drive and find a file you want to upload. It must be a picture file, naturally, and not a word processing file or webpage. When you've found the file you want, click the 'Upload Now >' button and the file should be uploaded and transferred into the top right box, unless anything was found to be wrong with your picture file.

The third possible source for a picture is to grab it from somewhere on the net. That requires that you have a web address (URL) for the picture. You can usually get that when you go to some webpage and right click on a picture, and choose 'Copy' or 'Copy Link'. You can then paste what you got into the URL field. And then click 'Get It! >' and the system will pick it up, if it is a valid link.

Once you've acquired the pictures you want to use in your picture gallery, you can look at the other things you can do with them under the box to the right.

You can change the order of the picture, but moving pictures up or down. You can also delete pictures you don't want after all.

You can also attach a URL (web link) and/or a piece of text to any or all of the pictures. What that will be used for depends on which Display Method you are going to choose for the picture gallery. Generally, the URL is meant to use a picture as a link, so that one goes somewhere else when one clicks on it. The text is meant to show next to or under the picture, as a title or description. Not all Display Methods are using these.

Once you've got your pictures uploaded, there are a number of things you can configure, to control how they will be used and displayed. Those will be described on some of the example pages.

However, the one thing you should decide right away, before you click Save the first time is what size your pictures should be. You'll see these fields a little further in the screen:

The pictures you have uploaded, or selected from other sources, will all be resized to a certain uniform size. It makes things easier if you know what that size should be up front. Most commonly you'll show the pictures in a smaller size than they originally were. You can change the size later on. However, you should be aware that it might produce a loss in quality under certain conditions. I.e. if you resize a picture to be smaller, it will probably lose some of the detail that was available in the bigger picture, simply because there are fewer pixels to paint the picture with. That is normally fine. However, if you later on decide to make the pictures bigger again, the lost detail is not going to come back again. So, plan your picture gallery as well as you can in the beggining.

The size of pictures on the web are most often measured in pixels. A pixel is one little lighted dot on the screen. A typical screen has a width of 800 pixels and a height of 600 pixels. So, if you have a picture that is 200 pixels wide, it would be 1/4 of the width of a typical screen.

Be aware too that pictures might be distorted in undesirable ways if you change their proportions. If your source pictures are 100x200 pixels, they will look really 'fat' if you resize them to 100x100. Try to maintain the same dimensions, and try to use source pictures with the same dimensions.

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