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My Background
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My Background...

Produced episodic television credits include:

"Hunter" (NBC - Stephen J. Cannell Productions) (2)
"Jake and The Fatman" (CBS - Viacom)
"True Confessions" (synd. - Alan Landsburg Productions) (4)
"Miami Vice" (NBC - Universal) (story)
"Knight Rider" (NBC - Universal)
"The Love Boat (ABC - Spelling) (2 hour MOW)
"Hart To Hart" (ABC - Spelling)
"Foul Play" (ABC - Paramount) (2+)
"Falcon Crest" (CBS - Lorimar) (story)
"Search For Tomorrow" (NBC) (4)

MOW's developed include:

“HazMat” (Gross-Weston Productions)
"My Sister's Keeper" (ABC/Ten-Four Productions)
"The Forever Seed" (NBC/Lorimar)
"The Forever Seed" (Columbia TV)
"Not Guilty" (Dan Curtis Productions)

Feature Films developed include:

“Dead Center” (Davis Entertainment/Joseph Singer Productions)
“Lightning” (Davis Entertainment/Joseph Singer Productions)
"Proof" AKA "187 Confirmed" AKA "30 Cents/Word" (multiple sources)
"U.S. Patent Pending" (Gross-Weston Productions)

Television Series developed include:

“Superwoman, or, A Semi-Animated, Quasi-Autobiographical Excursion Into The Mind Of A Woman On The Nerve of A Vergous Breakdown” (Gross-Weston Productions)
“Puerto Rico” (Video Events International in Cooperation w/The Film Board of Puerto Rico)

Professional Publications:

Creative Screenwriting (An Academic Journal):

Associate Publiser and Columnist
“ Screenwriting & Moral Responsibility”
“Telling The Truth On Screen”
“Stereotypes On Screen” (Web Page Publication)
“Women In Action” - Keynote Essay

and many more...

The Journal of the Writer’s Guild of America:

“On The Passing Of Our Collaborator” (February, 1997)
“Women In Action” - reprinted from Creative Screenwriting (May, 1996)
“Dancing On The Truth - Bringing Reality To The Screen” (March, 1995)
“Share It Or Lose It” (November, 1993)
“Humor Me, I’m Insured” (June, 1988)

Published Interviews:

"Promote and Protect: How To Safeguard Your Creative Work From Theft" - by David Walter WGA WEBSITE (January 1999)
"Arresting Stories: Catherine Clinch On Cops, Craft and Creativity" - by Kristine Anderson HOLLYWOOD SCRIPTWRITER (April 1996)

DAILY VARIETY & THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER - regular source of comments on WGA Topics (September 1992 through September 1994)

Seminar Participant:

Annual Women Filmmakers Symposium
Panel topic was “At Issue – Our Future: Isn’t it time women writers and Directors worked together to increase their job opportunities?” Other panelists were directors Lynn Littman, Lisa Gottlieb, Jacqueline Liebman, and Drew Ann Rosenberg. Writer/Producer Anna Thomas moderated.

Border's Books - "Film School" Seminars March 20th 1997
Panel was organized by and featured noted author and screenwriting consultant Linda Seger.
Women's Image Network (WIN) Film Festival August 1999
The purpose of the panel was to provide a critical analysis of the award-winning screenplay. Other panelists were writers Dan Yost and Anne Beatts and actress Gloria Stuart.

and many more...

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