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Activites Outside of Writing
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My Activities Outside of Writing and Producing...

Adjunct Assistant Professor, – California State University, Dominguez Hills.

Full responsibility for creating and teaching on-campus courses for the Department of Communications, and on-line courses for the Center for Mediated Instruction and Distance Learning. The courses are as follows:

Entertain.Ment blends Internet technology with live, interactive entertainment programming. It is designed to prepare screenwriting students to write interactive entertainment programming. A live, interactive broadcast was presented via the Internet. Real-time participants included residents of Malaysia. It is believed that Entertain.Ment is the first college-accredited course in this new media.

American Society & Television is a televised educational series that was designed to teach law enforcement personnel how to become effective media consumers so that they might better understand the ways that broadcast media influences both the victims and perpetrators of crime. I wrote and presented 45 hours of live television in consecutive three-hour blocks for 15 sequential Tuesday nights in the 7pm to 10pm time-slot, broadcast in the Los Angeles area on LA 36 (the educational access channel). Local ratings estimate a weekly viewing audience of approximately 60,000 households. A second offering (45 additional hours of live television) of this series was offered in consecutive three-hour blocks for 15 sequential Sunday afternoons in the noon to 3pm time slot. This time, local ratings estimate a weekly viewing audience of approximately 135,000 households.

is an upper-division course that is required for completion of an undergraduate degree in Communications. The goal of the course is to learn the craft of screenwriting while maneuvering through the process of writing a spec screenplay. In the process of designing this class, I created and developed a unique and proprietary methodology to facilitate the creation of a commercially viable screenplay. This methodology simulates the experience of a working writer and enables the student to vicariously experience the professional development process. Students find this process to be a supportive framework for their creativity. Even first-time writers and non-majors enjoy an extremely high success rate in their endeavors.

Screenwriting Online via the Internet uses the same syllabus as the Screenwriting classroom setting. However, via Distance Learning I created an instructional model that interweaves two separate web sites. Lectures, discussions and supplemental readings are provided on one web site, augmented by weekly one-on-one critiques of the student’s work. A second web site enables the students to observe the instructor writing a screenplay while adhering to the same schedule and parameters they are required to follow. This paradigm provides students with a unique opportunity to learn by observing the creative process. This dual website model was successfully adapted to comply with the campus-wide standard of Blackboard software.

Writing The Story of Your Life builds upon the premise that a beginning writer should write what they know. The goal of this class is to teach writing students how to craft the stories of family, friends and life experience according to entertainment industry standards. Two projects (mid-term and final) must be fully developed as a written presentation that includes all aspects of the development process except the actual screenplay.

Adapting News and Historical Material for the Screen supports the growing trend whereby current events and historical material provide the primary source material for entertainment product. Each week, students are responsible for selecting three stories from any section of the Sunday LA Times – two current events and one story with historical elements. Each story must be fully developed and presented as a pitch. Two projects (mid-term and final) must be fully developed as a written presentation that includes all aspects of the development process except the actual screenplay.

Advanced Production Workshop is an upper-division course that is required for completion of an undergraduate degree in Communications. The goal of the class is to enable students to understand advanced production practices as they apply to the different styles and requirements of specific formats including news, entertainment, music videos, documentaries, advertising, magazine shows, oral histories, sports and education. The students implement advanced production practices to provide product for an educational series that is broadcast nationally by Knowledge TV, a division of Jones Inter-Cable.

Adjunct Faculty, School of Film and Television

Full responsibility for teaching Screenwriting in a classroom setting. This is a required course for all Communication Arts majors. The goal of this class is to teach the craft of writing to students who were not majoring in screenwriting and who had never written a screenplay prior to taking this class. Using a unique and proprietary method of my own invention, the students began with a basic premise and moved through every step of the development process. At the end of the semester, they had each completed a 30-page screenplay. I am proud to note that three of these 30-page screenplays were commercially viable and of such high quality that I have urged the students to extend them to full-length screenplays.

Former Member of the State-Mandated Community Advisory Committee on Special Education (CAC)

This is an appointed position. The CAC was established under Part 30 of the Education Code, Sections 56190 through 56194. Attendant duties include advising the policy and administrative entity of the Los Angeles Unified School District regarding the development, amendment, and review of the local plan; recommending annual priorities to be addressed by the plan; assisting in parent education; encouraging community involvement in the development and review of the local plan; and supporting activities on behalf of individuals with exceptional needs.

Former Member, National Advisory Committee to PBS Adult Learning Satellite Service

This videoconference - "Putting Your Course Online: A How-To For Faculty" - was a joint venture of PBS and the Dallas County Community College District. The live-via-satellite transmission was endorsed by The Chair Academy (an organization that provides leadership training for deans, vice presidents and division chairs at community and technical colleges worldwide). My responsibilities included authorship of a written primer that was designed to explain the distance learning process through the course-creator's point of view, and to inspire faculty members to venture into new instructional media. This primer has been quoted and referenced in two doctoral dissertations and provides the opening quotation for another college’s website.

Former Commissioner, Los Angeles Unified School District – Special Education Commission
This is an appointed position. The purpose of the Commission was to advise, assist and make recommendations to the Board of Education regarding educational programs, services and issues directly related to children with special needs. In July 1998, the LAUSD Board of Education disbanded the seven standing commissions and created a Human Relations Commission that covered all seven areas. At that time, I was appointed to the Community Advisory Committee (see above).

Full responsibility for teaching a 15-credit course “Cops, Detectives & Dynasties: Writing the TV Episode.” The class began with an overview of types and genres of one-hour episodic series. Subsequent classes included an in-depth study of story, scene work, character arc and thematic development. Each weekly 2-hour class combined lecture with discussion designed to guide the writer through the process of conceiving an episode, working out the beats of the story, writing the first draft, rewriting subsequent drafts and the final production polish. Upon completion of this class, students had written a spec script that was ready for professional submission to agents and/or producers.

Literary Consultant
I provide editorial services to writers and attorneys. Although most projects are written or developed for the screen, I have supervised the adaptation of a stage play to novel form, the creation of a companion book to a series of motivational seminars, and the structure and format for a book on dental surgery. I have also “ghost” written a non-fiction book on sexual harassment in the workplace. For the purpose of Intellectual Property litigation, I have provided “points of comparison” analysis and sworn expert testimony in the matter of "Created By" credit for the NBC series MAD ABOUT YOU.

Former Director, Board of Directors: WRITER'S GUILD OF AMERICA
This is an elected position. The Writer’s Guild of America is a labor union that represents television, radio, news and feature film writers for the purpose of collective bargaining. The Board of Directors is the governing body of the Guild, bearing full responsibility for the enforcement and administration of all services that flow from the collective bargaining agreement. The Board of Directors establishes policy and plans the direction of Guild affairs.

Producer:"DANCING ON THE TRUTH - Bringing Reality To The Screen"
I produced this seminar for the Annual Women In Film Festival. Panelists included Producer Edgar J. Scherick, Actress Theresa Saldana, Writer-Producer Beth Sullivan, Development Executive Sandra Brice, Development Executive Maj Canton, Entertainment Attorney Bruce Kelton and myself. Screenwriter Gloria Goldsmith moderated.

Co-Producer - Video Documentary: "THE FINAL ACT: Closing The Westwood Comedy Store" (Comedy Store Productions - Unreleased).

DGA TRAINING PROGRAM - The Director’s Guild of America, east
I was accepted into this highly competitive program on my first application and trained while working as a Second Assistant Director for feature films, MOWs and commercials.

My responsibilities in the Non-Theatrical Division included trafficking the distribution of Warner films to non-theatrical sources such as airlines and cruise ships, supervising the destruction of damaged answer prints and monitoring inventory control between the warehouse and outside sources to safeguard against piracy.

I reported directly to the President of the Educational Services Division. My responsibilities included co-management of and participation in the production of motivational reading kits for S.R.A. and a Children’s Dictionary for Macmillan. The purpose of these projects was to exploit characters licensed by D.C. COMICS and WCI. When the department ceased operations, I was transferred to the Non-Theatrical Division.

Post-graduate studies in the Department of Film. My primary course work was in screenwriting, under the guidance and mentorship of Samson Raphelson. Other course work included the study of "Symbols and Meaning of Film" with Peter Wollen and "Interpretation of the Cinematic Image" with Steffan Sharf.

As the recipient of a Graduate Teaching Fellowship, I was responsible for teaching an undergraduate course in the "Fundamentals of Speech Communication" while doing graduate coursework and research for the completion of an MA in Speech Communications. I completed this degree in a one-year period, at the age of 21.

I earned a four-year baccalaureate degree in two years. At the time of my graduation, I was 19 years old.


Chanda Smith Consent Decree – Communications Committee

Writers Guild of America – Committee of Women Writers
Writers Guild/Director’s Guild Women Filmmaker’s program
Writers Guild of America – New Members Committee
Writers Guild of America – Mentor Program (created program)
Writers Guild of America – Good & Welfare Fund

Los Angeles Unified School District – Disabilities Awareness Month Task Force – Prepared "Disabilities Awareness Instructional Activities" guide for us at all LAUSD school sites.

Los Angeles Unified School District - Organized district-wide art competition that resulted in a 5th grade student’s illustration of the theme: “Inclusion Means Nobody Is Left Out.” The Parent Community Service Branch printed a full-color poster that was distributed to all LAUSD school sites and all LAUSD administrative facilities.

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