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    CINCO DE MAYO—Traditional dress and dance!

    Cinco De Mayo Fiesta

          Culver City’s Star ECO Station wildlife rescue center, 10101 Jefferson Blvd., will stage a children’s Cince de Mayo community celebration on Saturday, May 7, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.
          Smashing piñatas and shaking maracas will be featured during the fabulous south of the border fiesta for the entire family.
          This free event offers one-of-a-kind Cinco de Mayo festivities, with games, prizes, children’s craft center, piñatas, live performances and gourmet Mexican cuisine! Free samba lessons will also be on tap.
          Naturalist guided tours of the Star ECO Station are $5 for kids, $6 for seniors and $7 for adults.
          Call 310-842-8060 x122 for more information, or visit www.ecostation.org.

    Good Sheperd Church Hosts Special Mass

          Beverly Hills’ Church of the Good Shepherd, draped in black to mourn the passing of Pope John Paul II, will hold a children’s mass with music today at 10:30 a.m.
          There is a phrase in the mass where the priest says before communion, “By your death you brought life to the world,” Rev. Colm O’Ryan, pastor of Good Shepherd, explains that is how he thinks the Pope’s death has affected the world.
          “To say anything about him is like guiding the lily. I’m just a peasant compared with this Pope,” O’ Ryan modestly points out.
          “Many people ask me why young people related so well to this Pope,” he continued. “I explain he brought out the best in them, and warned them not to fall victim to sinfulness, greed or pride. He preached not to choose the way of the world, but to choose life. The ‘dignity of human life’ was his theme.”
          In the spirit of how John Paul reached out to other religions, the Beverly Hills All Saint’s Episcopal Church sent over to the Good Shepherd well wishes on large poster-sized condolence cards signed by its congregation.
          Regarding this special mass today, O’Ryan explains with humor: “If this Pope need a mass, then I’m in real trouble!”
          The church is located at 505 N. Bedford Dr. at Santa Monica Blvd. Call for times of Mass and other information at 310-285-5425.

    Lights, Angels Film Festival

          Men And Women, the latest offering of veteran writer/director Claude Lelouch, will have its world premiere at opening night of City of Lights, City of Angels Film Festival (COL-COA) on Monday, April 11.
          The west coast premiere of writer/director Bertrand Tavemier’s film Holly Lola will be on Wednesday, April 13, and the closing evening film Saturday, April 16 is the US launch of The Ax (Le Couperet), directed and co-written by Costa-Gavras. All three writer/directors will attend and a Q&A will be held immediately following the screenings.
          Additionally, the 9th annual festival will feature nine US debuts. Six are first feature films and three have been directed by women.
          “We are very pleased with the growing importance of COL-COA in Hollywood,” stated festival director Claudia Durgnal and programmer Francois Truffart. “There are a number of additions to the program and truly something for everyone, from thrillers, comedies, dark comedies, adventure, sports, family dramas, short features, a documentary and special events.”
          The festival is funded by the Franco American Cultural Fund, a unique collaboration of the Directors Guild of America (DGA); SACEM, France’s Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music; Writers Guild of America, west (WGAwest); the Motion Picture Association (MPA) and with the vital support of L’ARP, France’s Association of Directors and Producers; the Film/TV Department of the French embassy in Los Angeles and Unifrance.
          City of Lights, City of Angels Film Festival is sponsored by Air France, KTLA, Los Angeles Magazine, LA.com (Official Sponsors), French Culinary Club, Airstar Space Lighting (presenting Sponsors), LA Weekly, Variety, Mondrian, Valrhona (major sponsors), Astralwerks and Piera Rossi-Blodwell (Sponsors).
          All screenings are in French with English subtitles. Tickets, priced at $9 ($6 for students, and seniors 62+, American Cinematheque and Music LACMA members) are available for advance purchase online at www.colcoa.com.

    Children of the World to Aid Tsunami Relief Efforts

          The renowned award-winning Children of the World, which was was founded to promote unity and the well being of humanity through music, will perform at a tsunami relief gala, “Kids for Hope”, at the Regent Beverly Wilshire on April 21.
          Members represent their countries of origin and perform in international costumes. The group’s contemporary songs range from ballads, to dance, to hip-hop, all garnering rave reviews.
          They will join dignitaries and celebrities who come together to help raise needed funds for orphans and disabled children still suffering from the tragedy in Sri Lanka.
          For information, contact Sophie Miller at 310-285-9791 or visit www.cotwc.com.

    Fishing Derby Set Saturday

          A youth fishing derby is set for the lake at MacArthur Park, Wilshire Blvd. at Alvarado, on Saturday, April 9 from 8 a.m. to 1. p.m. hosted by LA’s Department of Recreation & Parks along with the Daniel Hernadez Youth Foundation.
          The purpose of this free event is to give children ages 15 or younger who live in urban areas an opportunity to experience the joys of fishing. The lake will be stocked with plenty of catfish for catching. Anyone 16 or older will be able to fish at the end of the derby, but they must have a California Fishing license.
          For information and directions, call MacArthur Park Community Center at 213-368-7390 or visit www.laparks.org.

    It’s a “FlatOut” Racing Game

    By Bharat Sahgal – Courier Staff Writer

          DeVry’s “FlatOut” video game challenge will feature a sneak preview and opportunity to play Empire Interactive’s new racing game, distributed by Vivendi Universal Games and scheduled for summer release.
          Individuals 17 years and older are invited to participate and compete for prizes, including a computer and Vivendi Universal Games video game packs. A single, national grand prize winner will be awarded a new car valued at $20,000.
          The video game tournament is free of charge but only a limited number of walk-in registrations will be available on the days of the event. Participants are encouraged to pre-register before April 12 at www.devrygameday12.com.

    31st East LA Community Fiesta

    By Bharat Sahgal – Courier Staff Writer

          The Los Angeles Department of Recreation & Parks facility located in East Los Angeles, will be hosting its 31st Feria de Los Ninos festival on April 9 and 10.
          Celebrating the wonder of youth in the community of Boyle Heights, the family event for all ages beginning at 10 a.m. Saturday and 11 a.m. Sunday.
    Festival activities include boat rides, salsa tasting, a tortilla making contest, skate park events, plenty of ethnic food, and arts and crafts.
    Admission is free with the only costs being for food and the “Kids Fun Zone”. For more information, call 323-261-0113 or visit www.laparks.org.

    Raging Bull Roars at the Egyptian

          American Cinematheque at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood will present boxing demonstration in the Egyptian courtyard proir to the screening of the movie Raging Bull.
          Director Martin Scorsese masterpieces is a stunning black and white potrait of prizefighter Jake La Mottta which starred Robert DeNiro in his Academy Award winning role and Joe Pesci.
          For information, call 323-461-9737.

    Girls Day LA at Rancho Cienega Got Game

    By Bharat Sahgal – Courier Staff Writer

          The 7th annual Girls Sports Day LA event devoted to increasing female involvement in athletics, will be held on Sunday April 9 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Rancho Cienega Sports complex.
          Hundreds of females ages six to 18 will spend the day participating in free clinics in golf, soccer, tennis, and volleyball. There will also be guest presentations and a display of sports memorabilia. Each participant receives a free lunch and t-shirt.
          Girls active in sports are more likely to take on leadership roles, and learn to set personal goals. Sports can also improve self-esteem, create friendships and help to break down social barriers, not to mention keeping in good shape and health.
          For information about Girls Sports Day LA, call the municipal sports section of the LA Department of Recreation & Parks at 213-485-7611 or visit www.laparks.org.

    Teaching Tricks of Swimming

          With summer fast approaching, now is the time to start teaching children how to swim. The best part is you can do it yourself.
          The age to start swimming is four months old. At this stage, babies are not really swimming, but can move underwater and learn not to be afraid of water. Until age two it is hard for them to pick up their head and breathe.
          There are various steps to teaching your kids such as: throwing him or her into the water, which is an old method but is effective 70% in most cases. Even though it is fast, the dangers are greater then the rewards.
          The next step or method is learning with floaties, which is an easy method but makes the child rely on the floaties and not him/herself. The last method is to teach a child how to swim without floaties. Note: a child needs to be held and supervised closely at all times in the water until he/she knows how to swim.
          Gal and Galia Yardeni, are sports teachers with BA in sports education from Wingate University in Israel. They specialize in early childhood development. They own and operate a swim school in Los Angeles. Galia was an Israeli swim champion and developed a special technique that teaches kids through fun and games. Galia’s method is known to be the fastest method to teach your children to swim and be safe around the pool.

    New Rodeo Address For Winston

          The House of Harry Winston, internationally renowned jeweler who has dressed more Academy Award winners than any other designer, will lease 50% of the 15,160 sq. ft. Grosvenor owned luxury address at 310 N. Rodeo Dr.
          Known as “the king of diamonds”, Winston’s new address is a stylish, comtempory building that was completely rebuilt and features a penthouse terrace with sought after city views, a two level atrium and up to 50 ft. of street frontage on Rodeo Dr.
          Neighbors will include Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Prada.

    Is Wendy’s Really Giving Us More

    By Sherry Dodd – Courier Staff Writer

          A customer at a Wendy’s franchise in San Jose bit into a two inch human finger that was concealed in the chili.
          The incident, that took place March 22, has Santa Clara County sheriff’s and health officials puzzled and scrambling to find the alive or deceased personage of the manicured, probable female digit.
          If a print can be lifted it will be entered into a nationwide data base that will, hopefully, help solve this mystery.
          It is still undetermined if the origin of the finger was in the chili ingredients, when it was cooked, or was brought in by an outside source.
          Employees have been checked and questioned to no avail and now the suppliers of the beans, tomatoes, ground beef and seasoning are part of the investigation that may take up to four weeks to conclude.
          Meanwhile, sales are down at the Monterey Rd. franchise but some brave customers are still ordering the chili at the San Jose restaurant location while others are unaware of the recent finding.
          One unnamed source, incredulous as to why the Santa ClaraCounty Health Department has not closed down the franchise until an answer is found and all food products are analyzed, contends, “They shouldn’t stay open. We should all picket! What if there is ground human flesh in the hamburgers, too?” Indeed, that statement gives some food for thought!
          Solient Green anyone?

    Farrah Fawcett In With Spelling Show

          Former Beverly Hills 90210 star Tori Spelling has persuaded her real life neighbor, Farrah Fawcett to make a guest starring appearance in the pilot of her new comedy tv show, Notorious, which is loosely based on Spellings’ life
          Spelling was surprized to see Farrah in her hallway, “It was a really funny coincidence. I hadn’t seen her since the set of Charlie’s Angels”.
          Spelling is hoping to have Fawcett become a regular fixture on Notorious although Fawcett is also starring in her own reality show.

    Nora at Century City Playhouse

          Nora, legendary film director Ingmar Bergman’s adaptation of Ibsen’s classic play, A Doll’s House, will be presented at the Century City Playhouse as the inaugural production of the Blue Angel Theatre beginning April 16 for six weeks.
          Ibsen’s controversial play, written in 1879, centers on a woman’s struggle to stand by her husband and be valued in her marriage given the subservient role society expects her to play. Nora stars Aria Alpert along with Gregory North as Nora’s husband Torvald Helmer, Gary Imhoff as Nila Krogstand and Christy Yael as Mrs. Linde. Rob Menzies, who portrays Dr. Rank, will also direct.
          Performances of Nora are slated for Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m. at the Century City Playhouse, 10508 West Pico Boulevard.
          Tickets are available for $28 ($25 for students and seniors) at the Century City Playhouse box office or online at www.centurycityplayhouse.net. For ticket information call 310-204-4440.

    Yogurt Said to Sweeten Breath

          A new study by Reuters suggests people who eat yogurt have fewer cavities and sweeter breath.
          In this latest report it is said yogurt intake may improve oral hygiene, namely tongue-coating bacteria and halitosis. This study found participants who consumed 90 grams of yogurt twice a day for six weeks tended to have lower levels of hydrogen sulfide and other volatile sulfide compounds that contribute to bad breath. This study further showed the participants also had less plaque and gingivitis.
          Health benefits of yogurt have long been known. Modern scientific research is only now saying what ancient people have experienced with yogurt consumption.
          Previous reports have pointed out the benefits of eating yogurt on a regular basis. Recent studies have found yogurt plays a role in weight loss and in the prevention and management of bowel disease and other gastrointestinal conditions.
          Many doctors have recommended acidophilus yogurt for patients on antibiotics. The friendly bacteria in yogurt replaces the body’s good bacteria which is killed by the medication. Many women have noticed yeast infections shortly after being on antibiotics for another infection. It is believed that cup of yogurt a day can significantly cut the incidence of vaginal yeast infections according to the Long Island Jewish Medical Center.
          By boosting the immune system yogurt causes cells to make more antibodies to fight disease. It kills harmful bacteria, protects the lining of the stomach from toxins, lowers blood cholesterol and prevents cancer of the colon. Live yogurt cultures flourish in the digestive tract neutralizing uric acid and has natural antibiotic effect on the body.
          Yogurt is an outstanding source of protein, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin B-6, B-12, niacin and folic acid. There is as much potassium in yogurt as in a banana.
          The benefits of homemade yogurt is said to be numerous.
          “When I was growing up, my grandmother would always make yogurt at night,” said one employeeof The Courier from India. “In the morning we would always have fresh homemade yogurt. It was wonderful. We never had any stomach problems. I make it now for my family using my grandmother’s same recipe.

    (Just Like Grandma Made)
          1 quart milk (whole or low fat—the higher the fat content in the milk, the creamer the yogurt)
          Bring to a boil on a low flame (don’t burn)
          Cool to medium temperature (Insert clean pinky finger into the milk to check if cooled)
          Add 1 tablespoon plain store-bought yogurt culture
          Stir with whisk 10-15 seconds
          Pour into a glass dish
          Place in gas oven with pilot light on (but do not turn oven on)
          If oven is electric, or has an electric pilot light, wrap warm blanket around dish and leave out on countertop
          Let mixture set out 8-10 hours
          In the morning remove 1 tablespoonful of mixture and save to use as a starter for the next batch of yogurt you make then chill the rest. This homemade yogurt can be used as a dip, eaten plain or with any cut up fruit. Grated cucumbers or boiled and chopped potatoes with salt and pepper can be added. Kids love it poured over Kix cereal.

    Complete Body Make-Overs Are Natural

          With the current trend in reality make-over TV shows, it seems everyone wants to be turned into a swan. But if you want a complete body make over there is no need to go under the knife or submit to drastic measures. Even as you read this, your body is in the process of major internal changes. Your stomach lining renews itself every five days. Atoms in your bones are brand new every three days. The liver changes out each cell every nine months. And overall, every seven years you become a completely new person—from a cellular and biological level.
          But even with all these changes, we seem to stay the same because our bodies replace cells based on the existing pattern of cells. Break the pattern and cell replacement changes. Get more sleep, start to exercise, drink more water, eat more nutritiously, take in more fresh air, get a massage, think more positively and even laugh more and it changes the pattern in our bodies and creates new possibilities for healing and growth. In short, you can become a brand new you.

    CLASSICS FOR CHARITY CAR SHOW—Come see Jed Clampett’s “Jalopy” from The Beverly Hillbillies TV series. Rear from left: Maralee Beck, Simone Friedman, Jean Rosenblatt, Front from left: Kurt Rothner, Mindy Richmond, Vinnie Mandzak.


          Now in its 25th year, Detail 301 continues its tradition of community outreach with a starring role at the Beverly Hills Educational Foundations 12th annual Classics for Charity Mercedes-Benz Car Show on April 17 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. exhibiting some of the magnificent star vehicles managed and maintained by Detail 301 for celebrity clients.
          In the past, such gems as Cher’s 56 Ford pick-up from Moonstruck, Laurence Fishburnes Hayabusa from Biker Boyz, Chad McQueen’s Ford Mustang from Bullitt, and Clayton “Lone Ranger” Moore’s Corvette have been displayed.
          Detail 301 and Scot Prescott, along with their sister company, Auto-Vault, have been sponsors of the Beverly Hills, Ltd. Mercedes-Benz Classics for Charity since its debut 12 years ago.
          Detail 301 services cars to showroom condition from a centrally located facility, and also provide valet pick-up and delivery to and from local hotels and offices, fuel fill-ups and mechanical repairs.
          Classics for Charity is sponsored by Beverly Hills, Ltd., Mercedes-Benz, 9250 Beverly Blvd. with information at 310-860-4403 or www.bhbenz.com.
          Entry fees are $45 per vehicle, $30 per motorcycle, or four for $100. Admission is $15 with children free. Proceeds benefit the Beverly Hills Education Foundation dedicated to raising funds for the BHUSD.

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