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BHC - Weekly Photos

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    Weekly Photos

    JR. PHILHARMONIC 68TH ANNIVERSARY—Legendary entertainer Pat Boone (left) prepares for the Jr. Philharmonic Orchestra’s 68th anniversary concert spectacular with its founder-conductor Dr. Ernst Katz, gala coordinator Lori Gordon and concertmaster Gary S. Greene to be held Wednesday, April 20 at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. Army Archerd will host the Celebrity “Battle of Batons” Many members of the JPO attend, or are Alumni of, Beverly Hills High School. The public is invited to reserve tickets at no charge. A maximum of two complimentary tickets per request may be obtained by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to: JPO, 157 S. Fairfax Ave. Box B10, LA, CA 90036.

    WOMEN’S ALLIANCE FOR ISRAEL TEA—Former presidents of the alliance honor outgoing President Rosalie Rabaum. The Women’s Alliance for Israel is a political action committee celebrating its 16th year of supporting congressional candidates. Tea was held at the home of Janet and Maxwell Salter, former mayor of Beverly Hills. Pictured (left to right) former presidents Rita Sinder, and Nancy Klemens, hostess Janet Salter, and outgoing president Rosalie Rubaum. Back row (left to right): former presidents Ada Horwich and Elaine Robinson.

    JOURNEY OF HOPE—HIV/Aids Awareness 8th-grade assembly was held at Beverly Hills High School. Seated (left to right) Lena Elliott, camp director and moderator; Gray Naylor, camp alum; Amy Rothner, BHHS community service commissioner; and Tyrone Anderson, speaker. Top (standing, from left) Sareyea Whitehead; Ray Doe; speaker Jerome Anderson; Danielle Fischoff, chair of BHHS community service; and speaker Julie Jones.

    A 20TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION— It all began in Beverly Hills as California Pizza Kitchen which opened it first dinery at 207 S. Beverly Dr. on March 27, 1985 has reached its 20th anniversary. Celebrating the big event were its founders and their wives (from left): Larry and Joan Flax of Beverly Hills; and Rick and Esther Rosenfield.

    D.A.R.E. and Community are One—(L-R) Lisa Kay, 8th grade graduation chair, Kyle Kay, Jeremy Friedman, Alex Cherniss, Vice Principal, 2nd row: Officer Rachel Shannon, Ariel Banayan, Alex Markoff, Bottom row: Linda Elihu, Anne Given, Katie Fisch, not pictured Rachel Beaty.

    CROWN JEWELS—Some 130 women all dressed in purple turned out for the Crown Jewels Royal Purple luncheon at the Regency Club. Pictured here (from left) are Shana Forman, Gail Dauer, Dr. Paul S. Nassif (guest speaker), Eleanor Moscatel, Marlene Ridgley, and Annie Lehrer.

    KICK-OFF LUNCHEON—The kick-off luncheon for the Israel Film Festival at Spago was hosted by Israel Discount Bank and attended by (from left) Gal Ben Naim, Harold Black, Yoav Peled, the bank’s president; Meir Feinigstein, founder/ president of the festival; Stanley Black, and Yona Goldrich.
    Photos by Diana Ezra

    MAKE A WISH—The 12 annual wine tasting and auction for the Make-A-Wish Foundation was held in Santa Monica. Getting set to enjoy the event were (from left) Kelly Seely, president/CEO; Jeffrey R. Germain, board chairman; and his wife, Patricia Marciano-Germain.

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