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Volume XXXX      Number 36FRIDAY, APRIL 8, 2005
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    Pope Remembered

    By: Courier Staff Writer

          St. Peter’s Square in Rome has been filled with millions of pilgrims from all over the world this week celebrating the life’s work of Pope John Paul II who died last Saturday in his Vatican apartment following a rapid decline in health.
          When the announcement of his death was made, immediate reaction of the people holding vigil outside was applause, an Italian tradition when someone dies. His health had been failing for weeks following a bout of flu that led to breathing problems for the Pontiff best known for bringing peace to the world.
          A few weeks ago, after leaving the hospital, his brief recovery was punctuated with his appearance at the Vatican where he could be seen by worshippers twice a week. His trembling voice and obvious weakened state of health were clear to the world. Some children standing with him released doves into the air, but several of the birds flew back inside the window. The Pope laughed, but to some it symbolically signaled his demise.
          Within days, another infection soon put him back into the hospital but he was soon released though still very ill. cont...

    By Clif Smith Publisher

          Live theater reflects and characterizes many things in our society. The biting social commentary of Show Boat energized generations about the misery of slavery. South Pacific introduced the reality of racism to returning millions of G.I.’s. Perhaps no single act on the Broadway stage brought home the issues of both better than Rodgers and Hammerstein’s did in the King and I’s performance-within-a-performance of Tuptim’s version of Uncle’s Tom’s Cabin.
          The Los Angeles Civic Light Opera Association, now called “Broadway LA” and based at the Pantages Theater, presents the 1950’s classic this week and next. The costumes and sets are in keeping with the heritage of the play and the cast is credible. Stefanie Powers does surprisingly well as Anna Leonowens, although her flippant feminism is not quite the same as the mid-Victorian stiff-upper-lip-never-show-fear-even-when-scared-to-death of a Deborah Kerr or Constance Tower. Granted that no one will ever supplant Yul Brynner as the king, just suffice it to say that no one will ever supplant Yul Brynner as the king. Ms. Powers is the star of the show. But a theater review is not the purpose of this editorial. cont...

    BH Police Seek Rape Suspect

    By Courier Staff Writer

          Beverly Hills police are asking for the public’s help to in identifying the man who accosted a Beverly Hills woman at gunpoint last Tuesday evening and subsequently robbed and sexually assaulted her when she returned to her home near the intersecion of Olympic and Robertson Blvds. The victim was taken to the hospital for medical treatment and released.
          Suspect is black, 25-30 years of age, 5’10 to 6’2”, 185 to 195 lbs., stocky build, wearing a maroon or green cap with cont...

    Earth Day Comes to BH Farmer’s Market
    By Courier Staff Writer

          Earth Day comes to the Beverly Hills Farmer’s Market, this Sunday, April 10 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Visitors will learn how to become a partner in environmental protection by talking to experts on energy-efficient living, alternative-fuel vehicles, landscaping alternatives, fire-wise safety programs. With April being “Earthquake Preparedness Month”, helpful advise will be offered.
          Alternative-fuel vehicles like a hydrogen Hummer, an ethanol-fueled BMW, and a hybrid Ford Escape and Focus will be featured. Southern California Edison’s Energy Star Van will be on hand to teach more about how to buy energy-efficient appliances, home electronics, lighting, windows, office equipment, programmable thermostats, cont...

    BEVERLY HILLS EDUCATION FOUNDATION Among those attending the BHEF annual Apple Awards were (from left) Sandra Olivencia-Curtis, concept coordinator; Maralee Beck, chairman of the board; Simone Friedman, president; Shelley Blumenfeld,chair.

    FOR THE LOVE OF ANIMALS Grant Tinker, former chairman of NBC, presents actress Betty White with the Visionary Award for being one of the first in Hollywood to advance the cause of animals.at the BH Chamber of Commerce’s Beverly Hills Ball at the Beverly Hilton.


    Below is all the good and not so good news and information from our wonderfull city of Beverly Hills

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