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          I would like to take a few issues to respond to my reader’s emails.
          READER: Your description of the Playboy bunnies is incorrect. Not all of them are beautiful like you say. Why don’t you tell the truth that all of them are made with plastic and are air heads?
          MY ANSWER: In my opinion the Playboy bunnies are beautiful. They are slim, trim and gorgeous in their bikinis. Most of them are in their twenties. Their skin is smooth, healthy, and rosy and they keep themselves radiant for the camera. I certainly can’t judge their intellect. As far as I can see they speak and behave well.
          EADER: How dare you tell people that Aaron Spelling is nice and humble? He is one of the most vicious men in Hollywood. And he IS NOT 5’ 7 “tall as you stated. He is a dwarf!
          MY ANSWER: I write these articles based on my experience meeting Mr. Spelling. Although, I respect your opinion, I hope you understand that I cannot criticize people based on someone else’s experience. I have read and heard that Mr. Spelling does have a lot of enemies. However, it seems that he is like everybody in the motion picture industry; Some people love him and some people hate him. I am only 5 feet all, so Mr. Spelling looks 5’7” to me. If he’s a dwarf, I’m a mini dwarf.
          READER: The title of your column is “TODAY’S REAL ESTATE”. However, you write so many different articles that cover topics from “Mortgage Rates”, “Legal Opinions”, “History of houses belonging to Celebrities”, and “People in Real Estate”. Why don’t you change the title of your column to “Kim Fung’s Gossip”? By the way, I don’t like your picture.
          MY ANSWER: I don’t gossip. My column is not a gossip column. I take my work very seriously. I try to provide my readers with correct and interesting information and real life legal issues. You can’t imagine how much research and time I have devoted to include such people as Michael Flattery, Esq., and Robert Cohan (Wells Fargo Home Mortgage) in my column. I promise I will change my picture.
          Next week: My answer to readers continue

         Has been named Coldwell Banker’s #1 Agent in Beverly Hills and #10 in the Nation for 2004. Throughout Jade’s 25 years of real estate experience, Jade has been continuously named a Top Producing Agent and has been an honored member of the Society of Excellence. Jade can be reached at (310) 285-7508, and please visit her website at www.jademills.com.

         Name Marty Trugman is synonymous with high end Westside real estate. With over three decades of success, and having owned his own Beverly Hills Real Estate Company, Marty has a sterling work ethic with knowledge and expertise you can count on. Having received numerous awards for sales achievements, he is ranked #6 in the Coldwell Banker Beverly Hill East office & is among the top three percent in the nation. He is also a member of the prestigious International Presidents Elite. A long time Beverly Hills resident, timelessly dedicated to clients and—community, Marty can be reached at 310-281-3992.


    Lori Poret has received a warm welcome to the Coldwell Banker BH South office by manager, Beth Styne. A lifetime resident of LA’s west side, where she specializes in the marketing and sales of residential properties, Poret attributes her continued success to her commitment to customer service and knowledge of the marketplace. “There is nothing more satisfying professionally than guiding a client through the stressful process of buying and/or selling a home and then, having enthusiastically refer you to friends & family.” Lori Poret can be reached at 310-285-7543.


    Stan Richman, Manager of Coldwell Banker Beverly Hills North, congratulated Curt Truman, a Previews Estate Director for being named by Los Angeles Magazine as one of “LA’s Real Estate Super Agents” as selected by readers and real estate professionals. Truman, who ranks in the top 4% of all sales associates internationally, is regularly featured on the NBC show Extra profiling celebrity and luxury estates. He earned his masters degree in management/finance from Arizona State University and specializes in high-end properties in Beverly Hills, the Sunset Strip and Los Feliz. Curt Truman can be reached at 310- 652-8854.


    Jeanne Crain
    Lived With Her
    Seven Children in a
    Beautiful Beverly Hills
    Home on
    Roxbury Drive

    by Norma Zager–Editor            

          Jeanne Crain was born on May 25, 1925 in Barstow, California. Her family moved to Los Angeles when Jeanne was still a child and her father became the head of the English department at Inglewood High School. She was performing in plays and winning beauty contests while still in her teens. In high school, she was asked to do a screen test opposite Orson Welles, but didn’t get the part.
          In 1945, Jeanne married Paul Brinkman on New Year’s Eve. Her mother was against the marriage, but it lasted until Brinkman’s death in October, 2003 and the union produced seven children. In 1947 Jeanne took some time off from her career to give birth to the Brinkman’s first child.
          Brinkman, an RKO contract player appearing under the name of Paul Brooks, had a brief part in the movie “Those Endearing Young Charms in 1945. He gave up show business to become a highly successful businessman. He graduated from Lowell High School and attended the University of California at Berkeley where he was a member of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity.
          During World War II Brinkman enrolled in the V-12 Navy Program. Following the war, Hal Wallis put him under contract at Warner Brothers Studio as a contract player and as a double for Errol Flynn. He was an avid sailor and sportsman and a member of the Santa Barbara Yacht Club, Beverly Club, Santa Monica Mounted Police and past President of the Southern California Safari Club.
          Together the couple had seven children; Paul, Jr. (b. 6 April 1947), Michael (b. 21 January 1949), Timothy (b. 2 August 1950), Jeanine (b. 5 March 1952), Lisabette (b. 21 November 1958), Maria (b. 10 January 1961) and Christopher (b. 5 May 1965) Their sons Michael and Christopher preceded the couple in death.
          The Brinkman’s four bedroom-20 room Beverly Hills home built in 1929, was on North Roxbury Drive. It had five bathrooms and a pool, in all totaling 7,905 square feet of living space on its .65 acre lot.
          The home was next door to Gershwin’s and two doors away from actress Dianne Keaton.
          At the age of 18, Crain appeared in a bit part in the movie “The Gang’s All Here” where she appeared in a swimsuit by a pool. By 1943 she was starring in “Home in Indiana,” and in “In the Meantime, Darling” in 1944.
          Jeanne’s lovely singing voice parlayed her young innocent image in musical comedies like “State Fair” (1945) and “Margie (1946).” But, although cast in musicals, she herself was not a singer and Louanne Hogan was actually under contract to dub the singing for Crain. According to the studio, during WWII her fan mail was second only to Betty Grable.
          But in 1949 Jeanne took on a controversial dramatic role in “Pinky,” which brought her a Best Actress Oscar nomination, which she lost to Olivia de Havilland for the “Heiress.”
          In “Pinky,” directed by Elia Kazan, she played Pinky Johnson, a nurse who sets up a clinic in the Deep South.
          Although widely praised by critics, the film was opposed in the South because a white man in the film wants to marry Pinky despite her heritage. It was banned in one Texas town, but their censoring ordinance was ruled unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court.
          Lena Horne and other African-American actress wanted the role, but Darryl Zanack, head of Fox at that time, wanted a white star with box office appeal.
          Crain was quoted as saying “I grew up without knowing anything about prejudice; my mother saw to that. If parents would keep prejudice and intolerance to themselves for one generation, we would have a different world.”
          She was picked by Zanack for the role of Eve Harrington in the classic “All About Eve,” but the role went to Anne Baxter after Crain discovered she was pregnant.
          When Jeanne left Fox she was making $3,500 a week and had made 23 films for the studio. She wanted to expand her range instead of playing the girl-next-door types.
          She landed briefly at Warner Brothers filming “Duel in the Jungle” in 1954. Jeanne then signed a contract with Universal Studios who promised her more high-profile roles. Her next film, “Man Without a Star” was a hit with both audiences and critics.
          After filming “The Joker is Wild” with Frank Sinatra in 1957, she took some time off to be with her family and appeared in a few television shows. Roles were fewer in the 50s as Crain went into semi-retirement to raise a family. Her last role was in “Skyjacked” in 1972.
          In her retirement years, she and her husband spent most of their time working at two of their ranches.
          She died of a heart attack in her Santa Barbara home on December 15, 2003.

    More Real Estate Coming Soon!!

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