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    A Q&A Chat with Kids in our city!



    By: Kendra Kozen – Courier Staff Writer

          A Beverly Hills native, Sherlyn Mossahebfar is a BHHS senior proud of her Persian Jewish heritage.

          Courier: Are you a BH native?
          Mossahebfar: Yes, I was born and raised in Beverly Hills.
          Courier: What makes you most nervous/excited about graduating?
          Mossahebfar: I am nervous yet excited to graduate because despite separating from many of my friends that are moving away, I am able to begin a new chapter in my life, with new experiences and many new people. I know that college will be a challenge but I look forward to exploring my options and discovering myself.
          Courier: What are your plans for after graduation? What are your career goals?
          Mossahebfar: I plan to attend college, and hopefully attend a medical school in order to pursue a career in surgery.
          Courier: What is one thing you would like to learn?
          Mossahebfar: Play a musical instrument such as the piano or guitar.
          Courier: Tell me about your family.
          Mossahebfar: I have a family of four: my mother, father, older brother and myself. My parents were born and raised in Iran and moved to Los Angeles when my brother was three years old. Our family strongly connects to the Persian Jewish community, and despite living here we continue to observe many traditions.
          Courier: What makes your family unique?
          Mossahebfar: That despite living here for so many years, we identify greatly with our culture and religion. Especially in the sense that every Friday night, no matter what the situation, we will have a Shabbat dinner either at my own home or at a relative’s home.
          Courier: Where do you like to hang out in the city?
          Mossahebfar: The mountains overlooking the view of the city, Melrose, the malls, Coffee Bean or the beautiful streets of Beverly Hills such as Beverly Drive or Rodeo.
          Courier: How do you deal with stress?
          Mossahebfar: I go exercise, letting out all the stress and worries I have on my mind.
          Courier: What school/ community activities are you involved in?
          Mossahebfar: I am the President of two clubs at the high school, a member of the Associated Student Body, and a volunteer at the Beverly Hills Public Library.
          Courier: What will you miss most about BHHS?
          Mossahebfar: The many memories I made there, such as the football games, walking down the halls and seeing my friends, homecoming, school dances, the teachers and staff, and of course being a “Norman.”
          Courier: What advice would you give to an incoming freshman?
          Mossahebfar: To be as active as possible, make sure that they do well from the start in school because it will affect which college they go to, and to meet new people and make new friends. High school was four of the best years of my life and I believe everyone should make it unforgettable.
          Courier: Who inspires you?
          Mossahebfar: My brother. He always pushes me to work harder and he has taught me how to deal with different situations and different people the best way possible. He inspires me to remain ambitious and persevere through all the obstacles that come my way.
          Courier: What are your plans for the future?
          Mossahebfar: I plan to hopefully become a well-respected female surgeon, along with getting married and raising my children in Beverly Hills, with the same background that I was raised with, passing down my Persian Jewish tradition and faith.

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