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Volume XXXX      Number 39FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 2005
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    Take part in its national Fire Service Day Saturday, May 14 from 1-4 p.m. at the BH Fire Headquarters at 445 N. Rexford Dr. Day will include activities for all ages, including fire engine rides, rescue demonstrations, safety activities for kids and a chance to meet the firefighters. Hot dogs and cold drinks will be served. This event is a favorite for firefighters as they open their doors and welcome the community. It’s a great opportunity to meet and greet those men and women who protect The City each and every day. Bring the whole family. For information call 310-288-1755.

    Will it Still Be Area Code 310?
          Public Utilities Commission held public hearings this week to gauge reaction to a proposal for a new “overlay” telephone code in the Beverly Hills area, including the Westside and South Bay areas now using the 310 area code.
          Growing telephone use, especially cell phones, means the 310 area code is rapidly running out of available numbers. The PUC will have to decide what to do before the numbers run out.
          An overlay would add a new code in the existing 310 area meaning customers with 310 numbers would keep those numbers, but many new customers in the same region would have a different area code.
          In the US, about 40 areas have overlays, but so far none are in California.
          An alternative would be to split the area geographically, with one part continuing to use 310 and the other getting a new cont...

    Proposed Beverly Hills Garage Ordinance
    By Courier Staff Writer

          A proposed “garage ordinance” the Beverly Hills City Council will consider on May 3 would require single-family homowners to provide a dedicated, enclosed two-car garage on their property. A minimum 9-ft wide expanse of paving, leading from the street to garage, eliminating usable front and side yard space if necessary, will be required to meet the new ordinance even if the garage already has immediate and convenient access from an alley or side street.
          BH homes that already have an enclosed garage will be required to increase the amount of driveway paving from the street to the enclosed garage, if necessary to conform to the new law. The enclosed garage must be located at the back of the property, which means more paving and will also reduce the usuable back yard space even further.
          While approximately 1,000 sq. ft. of additional paving might not reduce the quality of life significantly on larger lots north of Santa Monica, this new requirement would have a serious impact on the quality of life for cont...

    Jack Taylor Falls Into Construction Ditch
    By Courier Staff Writer

     Jack Taylor, Beverly Hills suit maker since 1957, fell into a construction ditch last week when walking outside his clothing store at 188 Canon Dr. Fortunately he was not injured. His wife, Bonnie Taylor was waiting in the car to take him to an appointment when, to her surprise, she saw him vanish. cont...

    Santa Monica Blvd. Closed Nine Days
    By Courier Staff Writer

    Beverly Hills residents may find it a little harder to get around for the next nine days when part of Santa Monica Blvd. is closed to through traffic while a new water line is installed in “big” Santa Monica Blvd. at Moreno Dr.
    LA Depart. of Public Works, and Santa Monica Blvd. Transit Pky. project crews will work nine straight days, April 23 through May 1, to install a new Metropolitan Water District (MWD) water line.
    The left-turn lane on Santa Monica Blvd. (at the Robinson’s May entrance eastbound) as well as one eastbound lane heading into BH will be closed and in effect for 24-hrs. daily during the nine-day period.
    Construction on the project began March 2003, and is scheduled for completion next spring.When completed, the new boulevard will have three eastbound and three westbound lanes. Neighborhood access roads on the north and south sides of the main road are planned. Also included are new street lighting and traffic signals, a landscaped median, bicycle lanes and bus priority features.
    “We are excited to see this work completed,” said Project Manager Luis Ganaja. “We have worked for over a year on this line and are pleased the community will enjoy a better quality of life as a result of the upgraded water line.” cont...


    HELPING PETS FIND A LOVING HOME—Actress Linda Blair, Arthur Kassel, Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch, Paula Kent Meehan and Sue Della Maddalena, executive director of PETsMART Charities.

    JIMMY STEWART MARATHON —Actor Robert Wagner, TV’s Hope and Glory stars Faith Ford and Ted McGinley hosted Sunday’s event benefiting programs and services at Saint John’s Health Center.This five-person relay marathon is one of the largest in the US with over 20 divisions according to age, gender and corporate/industry affiliation. Each individual ran 5.2 miles before passing on the baton for a total of 26.2 miles.Since the first race in 1982, more than $8.5 million has been raised for Saint John’s.This year’s winners were:Relay marathon—1st place: Nike Team Run LA; 2nd place: Run With US #1; 3rd place: Spiros III Mexico.Media invitational 5-mile relay challenge—1st place: KCAL-9/KCBS-2; 2nd: KNBC News; 3rd: KEARTH 101 Radio.Print media division—1st place: LA Sport & Fitness #1; 2nd P: LA Sport & Fitness #2; 3rd: SurfSantaMonica.com.


    Below is all the good and not so good news and information from our wonderfull city of Beverly Hills

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