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You've seen our beautiful feathered angel wings everywhere!

They've been featured in the movies; on T.V. (The ABC series Teen Angel and L'eggs commercials); plus numerous recent magazine layouts.

Now we are happy to bring our wings to you on this our new home on the web! You've watched angels dance, listened to songs and read about angels. You've been touched by an angel, encountered the angst of the teen angel, and watched the web fill up with angels. Now you can purchase your very own wings and be an angel! You won't get airborne, but you will look absolutely fabulously angelic.

Some of our future site plans include adding many more beautiful items to our online catalog; an Angels' Antics section to showcase user photos, and funny stories; an Angel Buzz section for reviews, testimonials, angel wings appearances and future events; Specials offered just for our online visitors; an
expanded FAQ section detailing the construction of our exquisite feathered products and showcasing the real people
behind the feathers.

User Warning: Use wings for aesthetic purposes and flights of fancy only! They are Not approved by the FAA for free flight!

We encourage you to send in those Angel Antic stories and photos about what you've done with your angel wings or other feather accessories purchased from us. Who knows ... you might even become an Angel of the Month! We welcome comments, suggestions or just a note to say hi either by e-mail or by signing our Angels Flight Log below. Do come back often, enjoy and watch us as our site grows!

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