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Investor Info

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Investor Information

 Nuclear Family Films wants to join forces with corporate entities that understand the nature of ethical investment and want to make a positive difference in society.

Film production is an extremely risky venture that provides no guarantees of return of principal or profit. As a point of fact, independent films usually fail to deliver a return on the principal investment. Consequently, Nuclear Family Films is clear in the warning that no investment in this industry should be entered into without significant consideration about the potential for the investor to suffer a bad outcome.

That being said, it should also be noted that there are a number of predictable reasons why independent film productions rarely deliver returns and/or profit to the investor. Nuclear Family Films has undergone extensive strategic analysis of the distribution system and taken great effort to mitigate these concerns. We believe that the basic nature of family films - which have provided a steady income stream to the studios - can be adapted to fit into the business model of independent production.

By their very nature, independent films tend to venture into subject matter that is outside of the traditional commercial model. Frequently, these stories are considered too edgy for mainstream studios to produce and promote. A significant percentage of these films receive an R-rating. Furthermore, the proliferation of graphic sex and violence in most independent films render a project relatively unappealing to a large percentage of the international marketplace.

Nuclear Family Films contends that the primary reason investors lose money on independent films is that most independent filmmakers do not think past the point of getting their film in the can.

When the filmmaker relinquishes control to a distributor, the film goes onto a list of other films that are also being represented for sale. The realities of the business dictate that the films that garner the most interest from buyers will be foremost in the distributor's efforts. Since a financier does not receive a return on their investment until the film is distributed to theatres and/or sold to ancillary markets, independent films that do not sell fast and big are relegated to the distributor's shelf where they are of no value to the financier.

Nuclear Family Films has turned this situation upside-down by focusing on filmic stories that fit within a well-defined niche that has consistently proven to be commercially viable and highly profitable for the theatre owners.

It is important to note that this venue is usually unavailable to the independent financier.

Nuclear Family Films has developed a proprietary business model that combines product placement opportunities with the traditional role of investor. In this model, ROI includes the opportunity to earn a return of investment.

In addition, Nuclear Family Films emphasizes strategic planning as an essential ingredient in the filmmaking equation. Rather than rely on a distributor's efforts alone, we will market our product independently in venues that are usually not a part of the distributor's efforts. In this scenario, everybody wins and the investor's potential to recoup the principal and gain profit is significantly enhanced.

For information about investment and/or product placement opportunities, please contact:

Catherine Clinch

Click on this link to send Catherine an email.

Or go to our contacts page and send us your information.


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