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Marketing Strategy

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Marketing Strategy


In a post-9/11 society, people have turned inward to find what matters most to them. The family unit has returned to an important position in the minds and hearts of Americans. Recent events demonstrate that the American media is caught in the middle of a social backlash. There is a wave of support for moderation and decency. In the same way that comfort foods symbolize a return to innocence, positive stories that demonstrate the simple values of home and family reinforce collective feelings of security.

Brand Identity

Nuclear Family Films is an independent family business that places a strong emphasis on high-quality product and customer service. While other "chain store" production companies provide a full-spectrum of stories that exploit many genres and push social boundaries, Nuclear Family Films will be a consistent supplier of one specific type of product that contains desirable qualities:

     ■ Inspirational stories
     ■ Positive and appealing characters
     ■ Quality filmic presentation
     ■ American family values
     ■ Non-denominational spirituality that supports Christian values

This is the niche that films under the banner of Walt Disney used to target. The market for those films did not disappear. The flow of product merely diminished, leaving a vacuum that is waiting to be filled with a new generation of movies.

Quiet Enjoyment

Nuclear Family Films is dedicated to the proposition that no audience requires sex, violence or profanity in order to enjoy a filmic story.

Nuclear Family Films will consistently deliver emotional satisfaction that relies on the elements of humor and pathos to tell entertaining stories about likeable and identifiable characters - the kind of people audience members want to have as friends, schoolmates, coworkers or neighbors.

We will inspire our audience to imprint the lessons of our stories on the reality of their own lives because every story we tell will demonstrate the hope of a happy ending.

Top Value at Affordable Prices

When Hollywood diminishes the importance of family-friendly entertainment the artistic potential of these films suffers. Cinematography is rudimentary, writing is on the nose and acting is over the top.

Nuclear Family Films emphasizes high-quality production values. We are confident that it is possible to craft a family film that visually resembles a high-budget studio production, because so much of what goes into the making of any film is contingent upon the skills and dedication of the professionals who have united in that creation.

Our business philosophy that is built upon three core beliefs:

1. If you assemble an experienced team that supports the underlying philosophical goals of Nuclear Family Films, you will benefit from both their mastery of craft and their emotional support of the mission statement.

2. If you adopt a management style that motivates and encourages input from all team members, you will create a workplace environment where everyone feels emotionally vested and performs to their highest capabilities.

3. If you maintain a singular creative vision rather than attempt to create by committee, the completed project will be harmonious.

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