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About Us

 In recent years, Hollywood has told too many "family" stories where the character of the mother is dead or otherwise absent. This has lead to a diminished emphasis on the integral role of the mother in society. Consequently, audiences are repeatedly exposed to demonstrations of abandonment, dysfunction and role-reversal in the parent/child relationship without significant representation of the preferred alternative, an intact family that survives and thrives through unconditional love.

At Nuclear Family Films, we believe that mothers are the glue that holds society together.

Catherine Clinch began life with the potential of becoming just another statistic. Born to save a bad marriage - and failing to do so - her life became an ongoing sequence of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of a single mother who was unable to cope with her predicament.

Throughout her childhood, television and movies gave Catherine the hope and inspiration she needed to survive.

Watching reruns of television shows like "Leave It to Beaver" and "Father Knows Best" along with positive parental role models like Donna Reed and Danny Thomas - and the kind of movies Walt Disney used to make - enabled Catherine to create the vision of what the family experience was supposed to be. A family that faces challenges with courage - one whose relationship is built upon a foundation of unconditional love and support - a family that laughs and spends time together because they enjoy each other. This is the kind of family that Catherine has, in fact, created for herself.

Catherine finished college at the age of 19 and completed her master's degree in one year. She has been actively employed in the entertainment industry since 1978, when she was accepted into the Director's Guild Training Program on her first application. By 1980 she had segued into a career as a screenwriter, quickly accumulating 17 produced credits in network television series. It is interesting to note that on 9 of those 17 occasions her first draft was put right into production.

In 1981, Catherine met Bernie Clinch. She was immediately fascinated by the fact that he had been raised in a nuclear family in Peoria, Illinois. Having been bitten by the production bug at the early age of 17, he felt he had gone as far as he could in the local broadcasting market and by the age of 24, Bernie had come to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a director.

Early on, Bernie and Catherine realized they shared a mutual desire to make independent films that focused on the positive elements of humanity. They also realized they shared a strong personal attraction. Wisely, they spent three months getting to know each other as friends before choosing to become romantically involved. In 1984, they married with the intent of starting their family. Catherine became pregnant while she and Bernie were raising funds to make their first film. But neither of them could have imagined the challenges they would face when Matthew, their first son, was injured at birth by medical malpractice and given no chance of survival.

Suddenly, Bernie and Catherine were thrust into a nightmare of medicine, disabilities and advocacy. They put their personal dreams and career goals on hold as they supported Matthew through the crucial early years of his life. During that time, Catherine gave birth to two more sons, Brian and Joey. In order to provide a consistent means of support (including the comprehensive health insurance that was essential to Matthew's continued survival) Bernie sought employment that was not subject to the fluctuations and unpredictability of the entertainment industry.

Bernie accepted a position as Senior Producer/Director at California State University Dominguez Hills, where he developed educational programming in the emerging field of Distance Learning. In the process of producing, directing and editing well over a thousand hours of educational programming and documentaries and working within the unit that has produced over 80,000 hours of live interactive educational programming, Bernie earned a number of awards including two Telly's, an Aegis and an Omni Inter-Media. In the year 2000, Bernie had the honor and distinction of being selected by Producer Magazine as one of "The Top 100 Media Producers" in the country. In recent years, Bernie has also pioneered the field of programming video billboards, emphasizing the importance of their role to universities.

Opting to be a stay-at-home mom, Catherine limited her outside activities to things that could be accomplished in the hours while her kids were at school. She became an activist on behalf of special-needs children and victims of medical malpractice, while maintaining her involvement in the entertainment industry by serving a two-year term on the Board of Directors of the Writers Guild of America west. She taught screenwriting and communications theory at several Los Angeles universities and became the Associate Publisher of Creative Screenwriting magazine. It was during this time that Catherine formulated the idea for Nuclear Family Films.

Bernie and Catherine Clinch bring a number of unique elements to Nuclear Family Films.

▀ They have repeatedly demonstrated an ability to face and resolve seemingly insurmountable challenges without being defeated by them.

▀ They embrace the importance of honesty, integrity, responsibility and reliability in all of their professional dealings.

▀ As advocates of the theory of lifelong learning, they regularly update their professional skills.

▀ They treat their personal commitment to each other with respect and devotion, while never losing sight of their ultimate goals.

Most important of all, they have created and maintain a positive demonstration of a nuclear family.

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