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An abused and abandoned greyhound racing dog adopts a high school kid who runs track and field and two losers make each other WINNERS.

Story Synopsis

Jimmy won so many trophies for his middle school track team that the Coach jumped him up to Varsity even though he was only in 7th grade. Then, Jimmy's Dad was downsized out of his DOT COM business and the family had financial problems. Now, with Dad working a low paying job in tech support and Mom having to go to work for the first time ever, neither of them can come watch Jimmy run his races. Jimmy begins a losing streak.

Lightning used to be a winner, too. A pure-bred greyhound whose speed and agility is as rare as his breeding, perhaps he came to understand the futility of chasing a mechanical rabbit he could never catch, or was miserable with his caged existence between races. Eventually, his owner figured he'd lost enough money on this loser. In the middle of the night, Lightning is abandoned in a park and left to fend for himself or die.

Fortunately, Lightning spots Jimmy running through the park and decides that it's a lot more fun to chase a boy than a mechanical rabbit. Jimmy and Lightning bond and their mutual love of running resurfaces.

When Dad sees that a dog followed Jimmy home, all that matters is the burden of another mouth to feed. Dad can't let Jimmy keep Lightning, so Jimmy takes matters into his own hands, clandestinely caring for his new best friend and paying for dog food with the slim earnings from his part-time delivery job after school.

In every spare moment, Jimmy and Lightning run through the park. When the former owner hears that Lightning is faster than ever, he is willing to do whatever it takes to get his property back.

Jimmy and Lightning are in jeopardy at the same time that Jimmy's family problems are spiraling out of control. Can true love conquer all? Can these two losers make each other winners again?

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