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Nuclear Family Films was founded upon our belief that a functional nuclear family unit is the most essential element required to create and maintain the stability of our society. While we applaud the many single parents who provide positive role models, we believe that a disproportionate amount of the current entertainment product has promoted the non-traditional family unit for the sake of exploiting its weaknesses as plot points.

Over the past three decades, there has been an erosion of the role of the family in America. Murder, suicide, divorce, substance abuse, teenaged pregnancy and diminished emphasis on the importance of education have resulted in a downward spiral of despair. When these social problems are amplified by decaying cities, crumbling infrastructures, unemployment, pollution, terrorism, corporate crime, unethical behavior of public servants and the lack of meaningful health care, the solutions to the problems of individuals seem increasingly impossible to envision, let alone attain.

Rather than provide inspiration and solutions, the entertainment industry has exploited these social problems as points of dramatic conflict. Instead of encouraging viewers to take positive and meaningful action to elevate their lives, the current iconography of film and television product is overwhelmed by stories that induce viewers to accept and even surrender to dysfunction.

After studying the entertainment marketplace and analyzing the performance of recent films and television programs, we have identified two problems:

1. Significant segments of the national audience are under-served by the standard Hollywood entertainment product.

2. In the international marketplace, Hollywood entertainment product tends to promote a distorted image of who we are as a nation and what it means to be an American.

Nuclear Family Films is a Mom-owned independent production company that will be recognized in the marketplace as a supplier of high-quality films and television programs that are suitable for audiences of all ages.

Nuclear Family Films will tell entertaining stories about the spirit of America that drives people to achieve their greatest personal potential as individuals, families and communities. Although non-denominational, our stories will contain an underlying sense of spirituality and a strong emphasis on family values. More important, our stories will emphasize the things we share in common - the things that connect us as individuals and as Americans rather than those that disconnect us - thereby promoting unity.

In order to support the distribution of our films, Nuclear Family Films will execute a proprietary, multi-dimensional marketing plan that will create a tipping point to establish our company as a brand name that consumers can rely on to provide positive role models for functional family units. While our primary target market will be families, Nuclear Family Films will simultaneously reach out to individuals who long for a sense of being part of something that will add meaning to their lives and enable them to vicariously experience the emotional touch points of family and community.

An integral component of our mission is to develop instructional support materials for both elementary and secondary curriculums. Emerging naturally from the story elements of our films, this material will serve as a complement to the entertainment product and will be offered online to educators and home school practitioners, free of charge.

In order to safeguard these goals, Nuclear Family Films will remain independent and Mom-owned. While we will gladly join with outside financing and distribution sources that share our creative vision, Nuclear Family Films will always Supervise quality control over our product.

Nuclear Family Films places a high value on both personal and professional relationships. Our goal is to build a team of companies and individuals that will promote operational scenarios where everyone wins and no one is diminished by the experience.

If you would like more information about Nuclear Family Films go to our contact page or just click on this link to send us an email:

Info: Nuclear Family Films

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