A very quick overview

If you just want to get started, let's just tell you what the main steps are, and you might figure out the details as you go along.

After you have logged in, you will to the left see a number of different sections and functions. Going downward, they're roughly in the order you're likely to need them. At that point you've already created an account, and you're already logged in, so the steps you would go through to create your site would roughly be these:

1. Personal InfoEnter your business name, address, phone, and other information you might need to display on your site
2. Site Model Choose a model for your site. You can use a template which allows you to start from the ground running, with a site that is already partially built or choose an empty site. With an empty site, you can add any pages you want, and design them however you want, but you're starting from scratch.
3. Site Config Here you can choose some overall settings for your site, like colors, fonts, background wallpaper, the title of your site, and more. You can always come back and change these later.
4. File Area If you want to use your own pictures, go and upload them here. You can probably leave this alone until you actually need the pictures.
5. Add/Delete PagesIf you want to add or subtract from the site model you chose, do it here. You can always come back and add more pages when you're missing them.
6. Edit Page Contents This is where you will do most of the work, deciding what exactly you want on your pages. There are lot of functions in here, many types of elements you can have on your pages, and many different ways of configuring each of them.
7. View SiteEnjoy the finished result
8. Promote SiteGet your new site listed in search engines and directories.

You would simply click on one of the navigation buttons on the left to get going. They will stay there all the time, to make it easy to get around. A colored bar at the top will tell you where you currently are.