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Today's Planet has been in development for close to 10 years now. The development is almost over. Stay tuned!

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Today's Planet, a new Internet Portal, will address the challenges of seamlessly integrating content, commerce, and community. Supporting multiple business and community models, Today's Planet will bring you the future today!!

Portals and Marketplaces have changed the way buyers and sellers interact, creating a dynamic new economy.

The building of Today's Planet requires implementing a complete business solution that includes a state-of-the-art suite of page building technologies and services along with a marketplace where consumers and business interact with each other. The solution must offer every technology and service needed to create and maintain unique and successful sites that deliver functions such as personalized content, calendars, bulletin boards, and online malls.

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Marketing Tips
Just being on the web does not bring instant success. It is a tool like anything else, a great one albeit, but none the less a tool. Success comes from marketing. Comment

Nonprofit Organizations
The Internet is not just about business. NPO's are using the Internet for many things: Serving clients, fundraising, creating awareness, recruiting volunteers, providing education, and organizing advocacy. Comment

Things take time
To truly be successful, you must have patience. Everything worthwhile comes with time. Just look at how the process of fine wine works. With age, things just mature into beauty. Treat the internet the same way. Comment